Should you worry about your cholesterol on low carb?

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Can a low-carb diet be bad for your cholesterol?

For most people eating low carb may only be a good thing, even for their cholesterol, raising the good HDL cholesterol and improving triglycerides. But MAYBE for some people low carb has negative effects. There are a lot of things we simply don’t know yet.

In her Low Carb Vail presentation Dr. Sarah Hallberg – of TEDx fame – talked about what we don’t know about LCHF and cholesterol.

Watch a part of the presentation above (transcript). The full 29-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

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  1. wendy
    Hi, I'm petite and always have been. I went on a ketogenic diet just because it helped me get in better shape and helped with blood sugar mood swings although i'm not diabetic or pre diabetic. i'm 5'3 and 114. I maintained my weight and lost some belly fat but my cholesterol went through the roof. I started taking red rice yeast extract. I listened to your podcast but you didn't say what to do if your cholesterol goes up on keto. 278 total, HDL 73, triglycerides 43, ldl-cholesterol 196, non hdl 205. I know you can't diagnose or give medical advice without seeing me - but is there another you tube video or website that has recommendations for those whose cholesterol goes up on keto if they want to stay on keto or is remaining on keto not an option?
  2. Maggie
    I've been on Keto for three weeks now, losing weight steadily. I saw my primary caregiver today and told her I was on Keto and she said "Why would you do that! Your last cholesterol test was good, you're doing ok."
    I emphatically blurted out--"Because I'm 50% body fat, I have (Self-diagnosed) Chronic Inflammatory Disease over my whole body, my joints hurt--I'm NOT ok!" And my lipid panel, btw, was mixed--not superior readings across the board.
    You know, a lot of fat people get the blame for their condition. But when my dr. can look me in the face, in my condition, and say "You're doing great!" -- time to re-evaluate what they have to say.
    Since Keto is a scientifically based diet (not a fad) I am going to stick with it for now, and get my cholesterol readings re-done in a few months. Excited to be going forward with Keto HFLC.

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