Understanding and treating type 2 diabetes — Dr. Jason Fung

In this video, Dr. Jason Fung gives a presentation on diabetes to a room full of medical professionals. He goes into depth about the mechanisms leading up to type 2 diabetes and the difference between type 2 and type 1 diabetes. He also shares details on his experience on how to reverse type 2 diabetes. He ends with taking questions from doctors in the audience. Tune in for this video if you want to learn how you could help your patients with diabetes.

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Understanding and treating type 2 diabetes — Dr. Jason Fung

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  1. fekadu woldemariam
    I have a question -- i am diabetic this time i stopped taking medication i fill much better
    the reason is i am fasting . the first day i was fasting 72 hours after a week again i did the same
    thing i loose 12 lb with in 2 weeks. the way of fasting is no solid food but only water/liquid/.
    when i measure my glucose before fasting it was 300 after fasting it comes down 180 .
    is there a way of standard fasting system; like taking diet foods ones a day, ie.. salad i need your advice
    piease . i have been with diabetic for 16 years.

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