Type 2 diabetes is a fully reversible disease

Type 2 diabetes is a fully reversible disease. And still conventional medicine treat it as the opposite – as a chronic and progressive disease. We try to mask the symptoms and slow down the complications, instead of curing it!

It’s quite easy to prove that type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease. Have a look at this chart of the number of required drugs for treating the disease, over 12 months on three different treatments in a 2012 study:

Reverse Diabetes

The top graph is conventional treatment. Everyone starts out on three different medications and they keep having to take the drugs. This is what we normally do. It simply does not work to reverse diabetes, and may even make the diabetes worse.

The bottom two graphs are common variants of obesity surgery, where a large (healthy) part of the stomach is removed. Many patients suddenly don’t need drugs anymore, their diabetes completely goes away!

The point is not to recommend surgery that removes healthy organs – I don’t recommend that. The point it that type 2 diabetes can be a fully reversible disease. Luckily it’s not even necessary to remove healthy organs to do so, it’s also possible by just changing your lifestyle.

Here’s a longer post on the subject by the great Dr. Jason Fung:

IDM: Surgery Reverses Diabetes – T2D3

I just spent a few days with Dr. Fung and we have some really interesting plans. If you’re at all interested in this topic I think you’ll love what we have coming up soon.


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  2. bashiir
    So I believe that we can treat the diabetic disease
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  4. Lotus
    Willpower is a band aid. I wouldn't try to use it to go the distance, only to put myself over the top.
  5. Col
    I am a newly diabetes, I wish to know if taking Testosterone tablet for two weeks really work, very seriously.
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    Please Tanya let me know if its really true ...have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
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  7. Tom
    Okay i have one Problem... When i get insulin of my doctor, i know my pankreas does not produces by itself insulin it can go to the point that my pankreas never more produces it own insulin. Is that right? So why i shuld pay my doc for insulin shots???

    Sorry for my bad englisch i am not from US or UK.

  8. Saaed Mohamed
    Is there hope really that T2 diabetes can go away?
    I was diagnosed last March with a fasting sugar level of 136 mg/dl and with jogging and eating low carb food, the sugar level went down to 118 mg/dl and to 95 mg/dl and 88 mg/dl within 3 weeks. I was very happy and I started eating without paying attention and not regularly run, the sugar level went up to 118 mg/dl.
  9. Saaed Mohamed
    I also want to know if it works seriousely
  10. Saaed Mohamed
    if it worked with you, I may try it
  11. prashanth
    actuly im also diabetic pls tel me how to cure this iam not married in case happened can i got child without any problem
  12. seenu
    Sir please discover the type2 diabetic medicines that completely reduce the diabetes in our body hurry up why because 1/3 people in the world faces diabetic problems rapidly type 2 diabetes spread over the world
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  14. Asir
    Saaed, you're not diabetic. Your doctor lied to you, to make money off of you.
  15. Asir
    Blood sugar is supposed to be between 60 and 140
  16. Ahmed
    Diabetes type 2 is curable..do this 1) sleep early in night.wake up early in the morning.2) balance diet..3) work out at least walk 2 to 3 kilometer per day.
  17. BB
    Just diagnosed in May
    Lost 50lbs with Low Carb somewhat High Fat diet and 30 to 45 minutes walking. Walking is great post meal.
    Pair proteins with small amounts of carbs and using natural fats like butter
    Went from A1c 10 - 11 to 6.3 in 3 months
    Saw good results when fasting for a colonoscopy
    Now fasting from supper to lunch and glucose numbers are very good no medicine ( 2 hrs after lunch 4.1 to 6.5)
    My doctor says it is reversible I believe I can curable, My doctor thought my results were great.
    Feeling healthier with better food choices.
    Dinner example- salmon, cypress salad with balsamic reduction, grilled veggies with ranch dressing, baked potato with butter and sour cream...1 hr post meal blood glucose 4.3 and 2 hrs post meal 5.8 another example- chicken, black bean soup and very small pc of garlic 60% whole grain bread or steak with Greek salad. I only do portion control with carbs. Lunch example kale slaw, Turkey or regular peparoni, olives and cheese. No spikes
    Also taking vitamins
    Just bought the book the obesity code
  18. Harry
    I'm 37 years old was diagnosed June with my a1c of 15 glucose 352 from a1c of 8 in march my doctor sent me home told me go on a diet I was 267ibs I losted 40 ibs but my a1c was at 15 fired my doctor started exercising more losed 20 more pounds my a1c supposedly went back down a1c9 I don't believe my a1c were ever really that high I had to fire the doctor because I started calling me harassing me to take metformin I refused even my new doctor tried to push me to take metformin and after the econologist take it out my chart because my glucose was a 90 started partying a little bit my glucose went up to 134 that was in July its September my glucose level been under a 100 I went to see a wellness doctor that did a insulin test on me and my level normal that of a person with no insulin resistance...but I'm having neuropathy symptoms from exercise and lose of enzymes will those go away
  19. David
    I think that we need to be very very careful with the words that we use. Cure means to solve the problem and make all signs of it go away forever.

    The Ketogenic diet is fantastic for reducing all symptoms of T2D to the point where medication is no longer needed. This is Brilliant news for T2D sufferers and is certainly something that needs to become the standard medical advice but is it a cure ?

    I think not, for if the patient suddenly eats a high carb meal (even after being keto for years), blood sugar will often sky rocket with all the old diabetes markers returning.

    Fantastic solution for treating T2D - YES
    Cure - NO !

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  21. Retired RN in KS
    I'm a retired RN and I am very concerned about this information being shared with the public. My fear is that people who are needing to be properly treated for their diabetes will read this and discontinue their medications and treatment! As a nurse, I have seen firsthand the damage that poorly treated diabetes can do to the body, oftentimes with severe complications such as kidney failure (needing dialysis for the rest of one's life), blindness, stroke, heart disease, and painful neuropathy. I believe that this doctor is only interested in self-promotion and more likely than not, interested as well in monetary gain. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion on this matter and I hope that this doctor will give serious consideration to what damage he is causing to people.
    Replies: #95, #101
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  23. mduduzi banda
    hi am i really diabetic if my blood sugar is 19.9 i went to check in my nearby clinic,
  24. Ash Ram Gurung
    Hi i am type 2 diabetes first time I use medicine than stoped medicine so now glucose level is 108 so I can do continue without medicine control diabetes ?
  25. Ivan Aldred
    Article in Daily Mail to say that Diabetes 2 Can be cured by blocking VDAC1.How soon will this treatment be available?
  26. Charles Chabria
    I'm living proof that this is true. I started Keto and intermittent fasting on May 22nd, 2018. Since then, I've completely reversed my Type 2 Diabetes and I've lost 65lbs. HbA1c was reduced normal levels within just one month of being strict and changing the way I ate. It's possible, you have to really want it and be willing to work for it.
  27. Welly Enas
    Hi I am a christian and I believe in Jesus healing sickness whether it being curable or incurable. I strongly support Dr Fung stating that T2D is a dietary disease and so can only be cured with duet. Read your Bible in Exodus 23:25 "Worship the Lord your God and He shall bless thy bread and thy water, and I will take sickness away from the midst of the." Food doesn't mean every thing you can put into your mouth, the bible also has scriptures on what type of food you shall eat. If you are diabetic, cut down on sugar producing foods (carbohydrates) and eat the right type of food such as green vegetables, beans, peanuts, and fruits (portion control), and chicken without skin and fish. Drink plenty of water (only) and do regular exercise. Most of all worship God and trust Him while eating and exercising. God's love is bigger than your sin and your disease. God healed me in less than 31 days from 29mmol/L to consistent readings between 4.5mmol/L and 5mmol/L. Declared asymptomatic and normal in more than one medical test.
  28. Rizwan
    I had been on medication for type 2 diabetes for 5 years.I was taking Galvus Met 50/1000 two times and diamicron 30mg once in the morning and result was fasting sugar 240.I have been without any medication for a month now and the result is fasting sugar 130 and random sugar 160.It is gradually improving further.What I am doing is as follows.1.I have cut on carbs to half.2.I eat 300 gms of raw salad each time (cucumber+carrot+tomato+cabbage mix) before lunch and dinner.3.I take 35 mins walk time in the morning and after dinner 4.I do 15 mins of intense exercise,particularly those pressing the stomach.5.I am not eating snacks at all.6.No diary products,no bakery products,no biscuits.7.Chicken once a week.8.Eating pulses to fill the stomach.8.My weight has reduced by 4 Kilos in a month.
  29. Jovanka
    I am T2 D for 11 years . My deabetus is progresin for I have ran out of grug oshens ( du to side affects )
    I was told I must go to injections insuline . I am terrified of this and dont know what to do ( I am on Glucophage 1500 mg. ) I have high blood presure and take med. would like to hear from ather patients that have cured T2D and whou .I am very desperate and to Yong to dye .Is there any hope for me ?
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  30. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Jovanka, we have many resources on our website to help you navigate getting started and reversing diabetes with LCHF. Additionally, lowered blood pressure is another benefit of eating LCHF. As you get started, make sure and keep in touch with your doctor about adjusting any medications as needed.

    Here are some links on our website that may help you out.

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  32. Ayman chbib
    I am a 64years old man
    I am diabetic for the last 25 years
    I managed the diabetes by reducing my weight 20 kg without medication.
    During the last year the glucose level rise rapidly and I took medication for the first time but glucose stay very high especially after meal
    I begin to walk for 20 mintes half an hour after each meal 2 months ago and the blood glucose now is less than 100 after the meal without any medication
  33. Ganesan
    Recently I was told I have diabetics but I think it was caused by permanent night shift work and my First test after fasting for 10hours shows 10.3mmol/L. Is mine curable also?
  34. steve
    fasting or eating very low carb will cure you in 3 days according to your blood sugar levels and will clear the sugar in your body and reset your food cravings and remove most of your intial worries...over time your low carb diet can keep you in the non diabetic sugar range. dont eat sugar and therfore dont have too much sugar in blood. wont need drugs at all. the problem is over time this requires more and more discipline. for a year or two it works well and not too hard.
    dr fung is great for letting us know this
    the problem is cutting sugar and carbs will change the glucose levels but the real cause of diabetes is insulin resisitance. therefore a real cure or real reversal is more than lowering your sugar numbers in my opinion
    a cure would be the ability to eat sugar and pasta and have your sugar level go to normal in 2 or so hours, that would mean your insulin actually did its job of removing sugar from the blood like a non diabetic. why doesnt anybody discuss an actual cure
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  35. jenny
    Hello All

    I personally feel that Diabetes 2 can be put into remission reversed and lets say cured i.e. when the remission and reversal does not go back to unremission and unreversed state and continues lets say in reversed remission, surely this can be viewed as cured yes or No?
    even though I speak as a person between two countries, spain views my levels with one test only as diabetic range 2016 and my own country views same results as pre diabetic. i.e.

    "it depends where one resides time of being diagnosed due to variations of cut off thresholds and diagnosing methods."

    I have a success story on this wonderful website of Dr. Andreas and his Team, and update to that success story, I can happily confirm that in the past 3 years if of any interest and not being a doctor only a personal experience, I can honestly inform, my A1C during the past three years have ranged from 6.6% diabetic spain v. 6.6% pre diabetic range New Zealand, to5.7%, 5.8%, 5.5%, 5.4%, 5%, 5.3%, consistently, along with consistent finger prick test, 2hr after eat, random anytime after breakfast, and fasting, all, from 2016 since diagnosed are normal non diabetic ranges at all times, never had any symptoms of Diabetes and/or finger prick tests over the threshold limits at any times.

    Yesterday, 8th March 2019 for example, my A1C was 5.1% which gives an average as I understand of approx 99.8% average blood sugars, my finger prick tests yesterday taken along with the A1C results were as follows

    2hr after eat 99mg/dl
    random 97mg/dl. Note in conjunction approx with the A1C result two points difference only.
    fasting 88mg/dl

    All non diabetic non pre diabetic ranges.

    These A1C results and finger testing levels being all majority consistent have been a result of

    eating Keto low carb,
    .exercising daily walking 5 to max 9klm daily,
    intermittent fasting three times per week 2 mornings no breakfast i.e. 18 hr fast, and one day no breakfast or lunch i.e. 24 hour fast, simple.

    I wish to stress my experience and methods to have taken control may not work for all, I am not a doctor or specialist, simply a person sharing current experience, who was given a label of doubt i.e diabetes, and another label of pre diabetes. Doubt continues.

    Whatever, over and above this continued doubt, the numbers do not lie and I am living proof it would seem that insulin issues and sugars can be controlled to levels as above with first, diet change, exercise and intermittent fasting, and without any MEDICATIONS whatsoever.

    Yes, based on my own individual situation, I am a great believer and hope that my current reversal remission continues as it has over 3 years, the million dollar question is, does one view remission of 3 years and more years having cured insulin issues?

    TIME WILL TELL, but I am sure and hope the results will continue to be consistent or even better.

    Hope this may inspire or give hope for those who may have doubts, what can be achieved, it takes just determination, positive thinking,
    energetic excitement for challenge, and to change to new exciting low carb keto eating habits experiencing wonderful recommended recipes of this site which have been a wonderful help in every way.

    Is Diabetes Curable? my opinion Yes, I do believe it is possible, I may be wrong in that personal opinion, I can only speak from my own experience and control todate.


  36. jenny
    Hello Steve,

    You have a good point in your comments actually. I have just written a comment abovementioned, and can confirm, although I did not mention this, that when I check my fingers, especially the 2hr I often do a SPECIAL FINGER PRICK TEST every three months i.e. I ensure I eat high a piece of bread, pasta, potato, rice and tropical fruit piece of mango, paw paw, banana, kiewi, within the meal which are more fructose fruits, to test how insulin sensitive my body is when I put these forbidden foods into my system, and todate, at the moment anyway, my levels have still shown

    "normal non diabetic range".

    I explain this to indicate, its one thing to test perhaps with not having any forbidden carbs by that I mean potatoes, pasta rice or bread , tropical fruits, and another getting results without introducing now and again these foods to gain knowledge how ones body is insulin resistant.

    whether others do this I do not know, I totally agree with you comments, I personally feel that the cause the root cause insulin resistance is what has to be focused on, not sugars as the medical world seems to do, as sugars are as I understand, merely a symptom of the root cause.


  37. Perry
    Diabetic x 30 yrs. Age 75. Skinny 162 lbs. What role could familial hypobetalipoprotenemia (extremely low HDL, LDL, TRIGLYCERIDES, have on a keto diet? How could this condition affect the diet and vice versa?
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  39. nurzepat
    You need to read The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code by Jason Fung.--YouTube videos also available and Dr. Fung offers excellent information for free. I don't believe he is profit motivated in teaching people that the traditional treatment for diabetes makes it worse, but diet can reverse insulin resistance.
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  41. Tabinda
    Hello all. I’ve had diabetes for more than twenty years. The results were usually normal except for a couple of times when I had too many cokes, and one time because of stress. Still my results come out normal and I want to stop the meds. I’m taking, because these are poisonous for the rest of my organs. There are herbal cures, but I wonder about my blood sugar getting too low. So, shall I continue taking the meds. while I start the cure, or stop?
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  42. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    Hello all. I’ve had diabetes for more than twenty years. The results were usually normal except for a couple of times when I had too many cokes, and one time because of stress. Still my results come out normal and I want to stop the meds. I’m taking, because these are poisonous for the rest of my organs. There are herbal cures, but I wonder about my blood sugar getting too low. So, shall I continue taking the meds. while I start the cure, or stop?

    Here is our guide to reversing diabetes naturally https://www.dietdoctor.com/diabetes If you are on medication for your diabetes, you will want to work with your doctor as a ketogenic diet can have a dramatic impact on your blood sugar.

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  44. Amy West
    I was diagnosed with prediabetes a couple years ago then switched to a low carb diet to lose weight, lost 60 lbs, and before I lost most of that, my symptoms would go away but return if I ate high carb at holidays & birthdays. I’m quite ok with no symptoms if I stick to a low carb diet, even it it’s not cured. Who is a high carb diet ever really good for anyway? And is a doctor only an honest caring doctor if he works only for FREE? What is so wrong about getting paid money for effective medical advice? What is so wrong about a helpful political leader saying or doing things that helps them politically if it’s actually helping people? How can a doctor or politician NOT be helped themselves by doing good for others? I suppose a doctor could make his income as a factory worker and give all medical help away for free. It’s ridiculous to expect a doctor to not profit from helping people get healthier. He’s not being greedy if the advice works. With diabetes put in full remission, that equals a cure in my mind. The high carb diet of my past was constantly damaging my body. It’s not like it wasn’t. So what if a few high carb days makes the diabetes markers come back? The only reason I didn’t see diabetes markers in my young high carb days was lack of medical tests to see it. I think many doctors & nurses & others are terrified that they’ll have to change their careers if the public at large gets wind of the low cost easier treatments for diabetes, acne, tooth cavities, etc. Bad diet advice (USDA Food Pyramid) has caused our economy to be 1/6 medical care. Cure Tooth Decay is another book you probably wouldn’t want the public to see. I think it’s better to want an income from actually fixing diabetes and other preventable medical problems than to be mainly about dealing with symptoms on a surface level allowing the person to suffer more. Profiting on their unnecessary continued suffering is terrible, unless the person knowingly prefers to be suffering, and there are those that would weirdly choose that. But to not want the rest to know how to reverse diabetes to the point of not needing meds and be healthier all around, whether they’re actually cured or not, isn’t right. Who cares if it’s not technically cured, as long as they feel a TON better and won’t get all the other related health failures from continued diabetes manifestation? If they’re willing to eat how they were supposed to from their youth anyway, who cares if they’re not officially “cured”? They won’t care. I WILL be eating cake & bread at our daughter’s wedding, and I do know what will happen as a result, and I now know how to minimize the symptoms. No longer will a rare high carb meal/treat cause me to ever need insulin injections or wreck my kidneys. Even my foot neuropathy pain is 99% gone. The term cure has varied meaning depending on whether you’re talking about bacterial infection, scurvy or diabetes. Scurvy can never be cured either, because as soon as the vitamin C starts lacking too much in the diet, the scurvy markers come back again. There’s an endless need to manage the diet after the initial diagnosis of scurvy. But in reality, the diet should have been managed properly from the start of life to prevent both scurvy and diabetes. Our son’s acne is DIRECTLY related to how much carbs he eats. But with current popular advice & advertisements you’d think it was about surface dirt/oils. I think it’s mostly about diet for all of acne sufferers. I’m not talking about the occasional pimple people. Anyone can get one here & there. But there are a LOT of products profiting off people & parents who don’t know the problem isn’t surface level but food related. Even painful periods have been “cured” by low-carb diets, but of course going back to high carb makes the pain come back. I don’t think that woman with stage 4 endometriosis cares whether a low-carb diet is called a “cure” or not. What matters is feeling better. That’s cure enough for me. Again, who is a mostly carb diet ever good for? Who is the current USDA Food Pyramid ever good for? Not people’s best heath, but best for whoever is selling the carbs.
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  46. ysr
    Thats true, As of today science and all KETO/LCHF/IF etc. diabetes can go into remission/reversal . My h1bAC range is 6.4 and over a week i spent a lot of time learning about Diabetes with lot of hope if i can i find some method to cure it permanently .
    but to my sad it can be only reversed/remission and that also for few people. Not everyone who follow same methods achieve it.
    I am eagerly waiting if i can find any permanent cure.
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