Treatments that reverse type 2 diabetes

Cure or nu cure for type 2 diabetes

Do you want to know what treatments that reverse – and don’t reverse – type 2 diabetes?

Interestingly, conventional treatment is fully focused on treatments that don’t reverse the disease, treatments that at best hide the symptoms, and can even make the disease worse.

On the other hand there are three treatments that reverse the disease, two of them virtually without side effects, but they are rarely used.

As a practicing physician meeting these patients daily it’s fully understandable that Dr. Fung get’s frustrated with this unacceptable situation. Normally Godwin’s Law means that whoever mentions the Nazis in an argument automatically loses, but in this abnormal case it feels almost appropriate. Here’s his impassioned new blog post, well worth reading:

Dr. Jason Fung: Treatments that Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


Of course there are some minor exceptions to the graph at the top. A few medications actually help reverse the disease (however they are not often used yet).

And bariatric surgery could be considered part of the current treatment protocol in extreme cases (it should never have to be used except in extreme cases, as it’s an extreme and potentially dangerous treatment).


How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2

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