Starvation can cure type 2 diabetes

A new study shows that starvation (eating 600 kcal/day) can cure type 2-diabetes, just like gastric bypass surgery.

Again, there is no need to explain the effect of the surgery with other speculative theories. The resulting starvation reverses diabetes. And the starvation isn’t even necessary to do that.

Guardian: Low-calorie diet offers hope of cure for type 2 diabetes

Unnecessary starvation

If a type 2 diabetic stops eating (carbs) the symptoms of diabetes starts to go away. But starvation or surgery are unnecessarily painful ways to do it.

Luckily diabetics can eat real food to satiety, as long as they avoid sugar and starch. The food that quickly turns into simple sugars in the gut. Cutting away their stomach or starving themselves is not necessary.

All they need is good food.


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A Gastric Bypass operation protects from eating too much carbohydrates in two ways. Number one: you can only eat miniature portions of anything. Number two: the smaller amounts of starch you eat is not digestedd as easily as the duodenum with the starch-digesting enzyme amylase is diverted from direct contact with the food.

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  1. Apicius
    Bravo, Joe!
  2. MarieJ
    Yeah no carb diet does not get rid of type 2! I did it faithfully along with no starch, no packaged foods. I ate only lean meat and no carb veggies and drank water. All this for 16 months and it didn't get me off insulin, in fact, it didn't even help my a1c. I did lose over 50 pounds of weight. Which did make it easier to control my numbers and they were predictable except when I was sick. So I completely disagree that this is a solution. While it may help "control" type2 it is not a cure by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact carbs are important to your diet; you need to eat grains and fruit or you'll end up with duodenitis or worst issues as I did. Balanced, small portions is the key to control. You may even be able to completely control your numbers with diet and exercise and never need insulin, great! But that is controlled not cured! If you were to binge on candy, popcorn and treats your numbers would skyrocket again and you would have issues bringing it down. If you get sick, your numbers will rise or you will have control issue so it is what it is.
  3. justice
    As a recently diagnosed type 2 i have come to realize that we are a huge revenue pool for all things diabetic from the doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical, testing supply's, natural approach methods etc. which make it very difficult to sift through everything to find what works. Having said this following my doctor's advise, diabetes specialist, and a nutritionist's help, and this includes medication and low to no carb and high protein and fat (good fat) diet I have been able to bring my sugar levels as well as my cholesterol down to normal. but keeping it there has been challenging to say the least, a slight deviation from meal plan will upset my sugar levels big time its a very fine line to walk. It seems to me what works for one may not work for another but reading what works for others has helped me figure out what works for me. there is no one way, figure out what works for you. it has taken me many months of trial and error. Its a nonstop effort that's quite trying at times
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  5. G-Man
    First off nobody will like this but.... this worked for me. I am a type 2 diabetic. I have been exercising regularly for the last 5 years. However my BG has been out of control for the last two years. Nothing worked to fix it. Now, I'm currently back to normal BG levels and a normal A1C all thanks to practically starving myself for two weeks, sticking to a low calorie diet and dropping 30 pounds - 8 months ago! Maybe its not real starvation? I sure felt like I was starving for the first 2 weeks when I made the diet change. I cut my calories back to about 1500 a day or less. Some days a lot less. This was a big change as I've been sticking to the low carb diet, as any doctor would recommend, for a long time. It didn't work! What did work? Eating only low calorie food. Sometimes I even skipped meals to achieve my under 1500 goal. I mean, lets be realistic here. Type 2 diabetes is allegedly caused by high carb foods. However, the low carb diet did NOT work for me. It didn't make sense! I would eat certain foods and my BG was still high. Cutting calories WORKED! I basically reduced each meal to never exceed 500 cals. Nobody wants to say it but type 2's need to hear this if they want to be free! Loosing weight = reducing calories = STARVING. Lets break it down further, type 2 diabetes is CAUSED by FOOD. So fix the problem and decrease food! You obviously need food to survive but what I've found is high calorie foods cause my BG levels to jump. Crappy fast food especially. NOT SUGAR. Cutting the volume of your food intake is really where its at. I still eat candy bars and ice cream. Just don't eat anything else. Count calories and don't eat excessively. Have a snack size candy bar. Have a few scoops of ice cream. Don't eat them at the same time. Don't eat a full meal with it either. Avoid value meals! Those things are like 1000 calories or more! Skip the fries and just get a burger with a diet soda! Eat salad at least 3 times a week. Be careful of foods with hidden calories. A contributing factor to this disease could be improperly labeled foods. Or just not knowing how many calories really are in something. So pay close attention to what you eat. As you cut calories and get used to starving all the time, it becomes a mental game to not crave food. This may not work for everyone but it worked for me. No more more injections, pills or medications that give rats CANCER. This was my turning point. Nothing was working. I exercise all the time, BG was still always high. My doctor prescribed me Farxiga which gives rats cancer. I love the doctors. They told me, oh that was just in rats. LOL! For real!?! I brought the stuff home. I was at my wits end and was about to take it when my wife yelled at me and told me the only way to fix type 2 diabetes is if "I DO IT." I figured it out at that point and realized I had two options. Cancer or starvation. I chose to starve. Farxiga is still sitting in my medicine cabinet as a reminder to me on what to do. I always thought eating something would make me feel better. Wrong. Not eating was the key. Its not easy. It down right sucks. But, if you are plagued by this disease, you exercise regularly and nothing seems to work to get your BG levels down, this worked for me. I hope this helps someone. Honestly, I wish my doctor would have just told me to try starving before prescribing me cancer.
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  6. Sara
    My husband has been on a low carbs diet for a year now. He typically has a serving (4-12 ounces) of beef or chicken, sometimes fish and then as much vegetables as he wants dressed in olive oil and vinegar or cooked in olive oil. Occasionally he will have some shredded cheese on top of his meal. Lately he will have two scrambled eggs with breakfast. Salt is important, so are herbs and spices and acids like lemon juice and vinegar. He is usually hungry every four hours so he will snack on some roasted cashews, celery sticks, beef jerky or Greek olives. You can have vegetable juice, but watch the sugar content. We are going to try vegetable soup next.
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  8. Kev
    I love this LCHF diet, I have been on it for 4 days now since Sunday. My blood glucose has dropped from 18 to 5.3, last week i was eating processed meals from Tesco and lots of bread, pasta, and rice and had to take most of the week off sick as I felt so tired, nauseus, and I had a headache that felt like aliens would break out at any moment. This week I am following the getting started 2 week LCHF diet from this site and am intermittent fasting, I started at 16 hours and managed 24 hours today without any hunger pangs or desire to eat. I took my BG an hour after dinner and for the first time I saw my BG still falling from the fasting measure I took prior to dinner.

    I also feel significantly better than last week or any time prior to me being diagnosed several years ago. I have more energy, am clearer of thought, have no nausea or stomach issues, and i feel happier and considerably less prone to depression. I can work for longer and am starting to enjoy my job again, surprisingly.

    I'd like to thank the authors of this site and their contributors, I only hope I can keep this up, I have tried dozens of expensive packaged diets before, without success, either giving up on them, or losing weight only to yo-yo back and regain it all. I feel more comfortable with this diet, its good to cook for myself again and all the recipes so far are delicious. I also enjoy the fasting which fits in better with my work schedule allowing me to work through lunch or go for a walk instead of queuing for expensive sandwiches and feeling sleepy afterwards.

  9. Nick
    Umm.....we have a problem. I'm Type 2 Diabetic, and I've lost faith in All food. Food always tempts me to eat unhealthy, and the fact that I always desire more after I've had my fair share has bothered me to the point where I can't eat anymore food PERIOD. My doctor recommends not starving myself, but I think I've abused my privilege of eating food and I'm already in big trouble with my doctor already. So as of now, I'm going on a 1,000 year vacation from All food, and I don't care what my doctor will think. I will suffer the consequences of not eating, as long as I can deplete my fat.
  10. Bill Wightman
    Did you actually get into ketosis and confirm that with blood beta hydroxybutyrate measurement (BHB from .5 to 3.0 mmol/L)? I can see how controlled fasting or CR might have worked if you had not actually been in ketosis. But unless your liver is generating excessive glucose for an unknown reason, you should not have excess glucose in your blood to measure. You had to be ingesting it. The only other case I am aware of where there is high blood glucose within a ketogenic diet are in elite ketogenic athletes who can produce prodigious quantities of both ketones and glucose (from the liver) during an event. Glucose returns to normal after the event.
  11. Rick russell
    From earliest mankind has fasted naturaly.
    Its a disapline as well.
    It cleanses the body with distilled or filtered water.
    For some start when riseing. Go as long as possible with water but without food. Then eat smart. I start with organic veg juiceing.
    Add a whey or protien powder whatever. Bacon and eggs and good fats fill you full.
    Who the H says i cant eat butter or whole milk. But yes i now use cocunut oil and olive oil. Feeling much better.
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  12. shaun Hunt
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  13. Apicius
    Not sure I agree with the fruit juicing - it removes and destroys fibre, and the fruit will send a huge bolus of sugar into your body. Just eat fresh whole vegetables. And I don't agree with the protein powder, either. Avoid Frankenstein man made crap. Just eat real food. If your great grand parents wouldn't recognize the food (like the Frankenstein protein powder) don't eat it. Simple rule. It's a pity you go through the effort of fasting and then you re contaminate with fake foods.
  14. Marlowe
    Nothing cures diabetes. It is worse then cancer. Cancer can b eliminated sometimes. Diabetes can only b controlled w diet some times and exercise sometimes and taking insulin sometimes. And sometimes none of that helps as well. And even if it does help. U eat something and glucose rises. No matter what. If there was a cure u could eat something bad or have an occasional cheat meal once a yr and normal person blood is good. Diabetic person blood will always spike blood Damn I hate dibetes.
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  15. Gentiann
    You sound pretty bitter and desperate.......! Have you consider to give a serious try to DietDoctor LCHF plan and see what it is doing to your diabetes after a couple of months?
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  17. Carmen
    From some of the responses above, i can see that some individuals still insist on lower calories. I am a new member for a little over 2 months now and have lost a total of 30 pounds so far. What a fantastic website. I feel so lucky to have found it!!! I was scared but have been on a 9 day fast so far. I did not think that i could do it, but i said, what the heck i will try it and see! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  18. Josh
    I think an important point when doing low carb is to remember excess protein is converted to sugar. If I eat a giant steak before bed, my blood sugar will be high the next day. Even if I eat near zero carbs. If I limit carbs and eat hand size protein servings, my blood sugar starts to drop. If your carbs are low and blood sugar still high, I think it means you are consuming more protein than your body currently needs. The silver lining is hunger reliably goes away as long as I eat enough healthy fats.
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