Researchers reveal that nuts have fewer calories than previously thought

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There’s no denying that nuts are both nutritious and delicious. Yet for years, people have been cautioned to avoid eating too many because they’re also high in calories.

But last week, the USDA reported that nuts are actually lower in calories than originally thought. According to researchers who conducted a series of studies over the past seven years, many nuts are 16 to 25% lower in calories than currently listed in the USDA nutrient database. The reason? Apparently, we don’t digest and absorb all of the calories from nuts.

Although the USDA’s database hasn’t yet been updated with the new values, some companies, such as KIND, have already changed their nutrition facts labels to reflect the lower calorie counts:

Nut-based brands may adjust calorie counts after USDA research

At Diet Doctor, we’ve cautioned against consuming too many nuts. Does this latest research change anything, from our point of view? Not really — especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Although we don’t recommend counting calories, they’re still part of the weight loss equation. And even though nuts contain fewer calories than previously thought, many of us find them very easy to overeat. This is especially true if you’re eating them right out of a bag or bowl. “Just a few” can quickly add up to several handfuls!

On the other hand, sprinkling a tablespoon or two of chopped nuts on a salad or Greek yogurt can add flavor and crunch, which might even be beneficial for weight loss due to improving your overall eating experience.

Learn more about how to choose nuts in our evidence-based guide, Keto nuts — the best and the worst.

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