“People who know me are astonished!”

Before and after

Before and after

Scott encountered a weight-loss plateau, but decided to use the Diet Doctor function “Ask the Experts“. He was adviced to push through the plateau – and here’s what happened:

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

Belatedly, thanks for the information and encouragement about weight loss plateaus you offered me on your Ask the Experts page. It’s helped me stay on course and ride out a couple of additional plateaus.

Since then, I’ve lost another 10 kg (22 lbs), bringing the total to 28 kg (62 lbs).

Since starting in July, I’ve lost an average of 6-7 kg (13-15 lbs) a month with LCHF, IF and moderate protein – far more than I had expected. My A1c has fallen from the high pre-diabetic range to a healthier 5.2 mmol/l (94 mg/dl).

I’ve had plenty of energy to continue resistance training 3-4 times a week, and the lifestyle change and weight loss have helped me improve the intensity of my exercise. I’m beyond happy with the changes so far, and people who know me are astonished!

One note in closing: I’ve had no symptoms of asthma since July when I changed my diet. Though I suspect this is because one of the many carbohydrates I stopped eating was wheat flour, I can’t be sure.

Thanks again,


Congratulations Scott! We’re very happy for you and your great success. And we agree that the best thing to do when encountering a weight-loss plateau is to push through it – unless there’s an obvious change to make. Then success will likely come.

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  1. Sam
    Can I add my story here too. I started on the 29th of Jan 2016 on the lchf dat 98kg and by August I was at 85.7kg. I was stuck on a plateu for nearly 4 months. I started intermitten fadting a month ago, I do 24 hours everyday, with half an hour eating window (because it takes me half an hour to eat). I have recently started 41 to 46 hour fasting. It's working like crazy. I'm now 79.2kg. I've lost almost 19kg. I had tried everything prior to lchf, even did the old cutting out fat, cutting down carbs in the evening. I would lose weight and it would stop, I then would put it all back on. I need to get to 60kg to be comfortable and feel it's possible.

    So anyone doing lchf on a plateu...Definitely incorporate intermittent fasting. I mean I have a PhD and a large portion of that was fatty acid metabolism, I can't believe I didn't think about this before.
    Good luck to everyone.

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