Not so sweet – The Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka gets it


Here’s a powerful ad campaign from the Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka. I’d like to see these ads everywhere.

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A comment on this one: While sugar is addictive it’s only moderately addictive by itself. However, add caffeine (in soft drinks) or more food processing, and it’s probably becomes the most common addiction in the world.



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  1. Eden
    Andreas, I was actually very interested in this comment from you: "While sugar is addictive it’s only moderately addictive by itself. However, add caffeine (in soft drinks) or more food processing, and it’s probably becomes the most common addiction in the world."

    I would really like to hear more about this. Sugar is only moderately addictive by itself. I see how it is more addictive with caffeine (in soft drinks) but what do you mean by "more food processing'? Like when combined with white flour? Like when combined with other highly palatable foods? I would like to know more of your thoughts on this.

  2. Lisa
    I take it as meaning - people are not going to eat a cup of plain sugar all by itself. But are addicted to cravings for sugar in foods such as cake, cookies, icecream or soft drinks ect. Sugar addicts crave things that are sweet - foods that are already made, always looking for their next "fix". Or crave carbs like potatoes and breads. But they Do not eat sugar plain by itself.
    While combining sugar with flour and wheats and potatoes and rice - this is where the problems come from. Eliminate sugars and bad carbs and this will help keep sugar cravings away and reverse health issues. (Cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure)
  3. Lisa
    I edited my post but it didn't change it.
    By eliminating sugar and bad carbs in your diet it will decrease if not eliminate sugar cravings. And it will improve your health. Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, weight loss ect. It will decrease the inflammatory process as well. Arthritis symptoms
  4. Leroy
    I am confused.

    Sugars are bad for you, but starches are okay???

    I thought that excessive Carbs (even if "good" carbohydrates) were the problem, not just sugar carbohydrates?

    So if diabetic or pre-diabetic or simply desiring to avoid diabetes / obesity, I can just avoid sugars but eats as many carbs of starch and sugars as I want?

  5. Leroy

    I too am surprised at the comment about sugar itself not being that addictive (by itself).

    Aside from the fact that pretty much no one eats just sugar, I have read several studies - and surprisingly some not that new - where a compound has been found in sugars (and which also exists in starches, but not quite as strongly) that shows an extreme addiction quality.

  6. bill
    "...the fact that pretty much no one eats just sugar,..."

    I'd bet that sodas are at least 99% sugar (other than water).
    And I'd bet that it's the foremost addictive ingredient.
    Why else do food companies and cigarette companies
    dope so many of their products with it?

  7. Dina
    So I went to their website out of curiosity. What a shame that all their advise is just like all the rest: "healthy-whole-grains 'n low-fat".
  8. Vince
    They don't get it as if you go to there website they tell you to eat low fat.

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