Sugar clinics helping Mexico control diabetes epidemic – or do they?

Does high-carb snacks help control diabetes type 2?

Check out this fascinating 8-minute news segment about Mexico’s ravaging diabetes epidemic, and a chain of specialized “sugar clinics” that is said to help Mexicans control it.

PBS Newshour: Mexico’s sugar clinics help patients gain control over diabetes

Witness the problem

While there are many good things said in the news piece there are also some absolutely jarring details. Things that spotlight how backwards we think about this disease, and the reason the epidemic is out of control and getting worse every year.

Witness for example the background during the interview. I thought the founder was standing in a convenience store, talking about the problem of easily available junk food and snacks. But no, he’s standing IN HIS DIABETES CLINIC!

Yes, they sell lots of crackers, snacks and “sugar-free” candy. And the narrator proudly proclaims you can pick up your prescription, special soft diabetes shoes… and a snack, showing high-carb crackers.

So there you have it. Get your blood sugar lowering drugs, and your blood sugar raising snacks, in the same place. No wonder things are not improving.

And for some reason several of the doctors and the founder seem to have weight issues themselves. Perhaps there are good reasons for it, but I can’t help suspect they are simply drinking their own Kool-Aid.

Note also the usual disparaging remarks about benign meat and fat, and the hyping of exercise as a treatment. Not mentioning that a diabetic would have to run all day just to burn a few of the snacks she picked up at the diabetes clinic.

There’s a long way to go in Mexico.

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  1. Pierre
    "No wonder things are not improving."

    It is because they don't understand the role of carbohydrate in the body. (they are not alone)
    I have been in Mexico, their diet is base on rice, beans, pasta, etc. all foods loaded with huge amount of carbohydrate.
    And of course they drink alot of soda.

  2. Simon
    Andreas, the above story had me incredulous as well- These people are like lambs to the slaughter imagining that medical clinics can reverse poor dietary choices. You can't out run a bad diet, and don't trust an obese diabetologist. The soda rep looked like she was being electrocuted she was blinking very rapidly telling straaight lies about sugar not causing diabetes...
  3. Andi
    Very sad that an MIT graduate cannot understand basic science and really help these people. (I think was what was in the transcripts in terms of his education). I'm from California and yes we love our Mexican food. However I eat the meat, sour cream, salsa and guac only and sometimes a few chips. I don't feel deprived but I do agree that is more expensive than rice and beans.
  4. smc
    Sad that the Mexican "experts" interviewed in this piece are so entirely clueless. Don't they have books? Don't they have the internet? Wouldn't you think that a diabetes specialist would at least be curious about the real causes of this disease? Do some research? I guess not.
  5. Tor H
    Money talk and science walks, apparently.

    The goverment should cost all studies and ofc be completely unpartial in all of this. . . that last bit might be pure science-fiction thought :)

  6. Apicius
    I'm on a business trip here in Mexico City, and all my work colleagues in Mexico are drinking fruit juice with their meals. At a lunch of about 30 of us today, I was THE ONLY one to ask the waiter at the restaurant for a glass of water. No one drank was all sugary fruit juices....

    And they all ate the rice, tortillas, bread rolls, etc. and of course the sugary dessert at end of meal.

    Even if they take coke and other soft drinks out of their diet through taxes, I can't see how things will improve. What I witnessed was a colossal carbo nightmare. The huge glasses of fruit juice was the most concerning.

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