LCHF and diabetes – full presentation with Dr. Eric Westman

Here’s a great presentation from Low Carb Vail with Dr. Eric Westman, one of the world’s leading experts on low carb. He talks about the long and interesting history of low carb in the treatment of diabetes.

This talk has only been available for our members before (check out our free trial), but now everyone can watch it above.

Table of contents

  1:14  Treatment of diabetes a hundred years ago
  5:29  Diabetic diet in the pre-insulin era
  8:55  Guidelines favor medications and high carb
10:15  Best science on low carb and blood sugar
12:25  You don’t need to eat carbohydrates
16:45  One teaspoon of sugar in the blood stream
18:15  Clinical experience with 20 g carbs /day
23:15  Happy patients – and happy doctors!
26:15  It’s so unbelievable – people don’t believe it


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