Keto Questions Answered

Do you have questions about the keto diet and ketosis?

Here’s a full questions and answers session with keto experts Bryon Jaymes, Professor Dominic D’Agostino, Dr. Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery, Dr. Adam Nally and Dr. Angela Poff.

Watch the full Q&A session above (transcript).

Table of contents

  0:30  High morning blood sugar while in ketosis?
  3:13  Performance improvements in ketosis?
  4:48  Loss of muscle – metabolic syndrome
  7:30  Reversing atherosclerosis with a ketogenic diet?
  8:54  Can you improve osteporosis on keto?
13:15  Ketone supplementation and blood sugar for type 1?
18:22  Transition period into the ketogenic diet?
21:10  Protein, acidity, cancer? Help to shift people towards keto?
26:12  Ketogenic diet and cancer
28:15  Timing of exercise, fasting and keto diet
32:39  McArdle’s Disease and ketosis
36:51  Visual to help with adopting a keto diet?
39:49  Science behind exogenous ketones?
46:00  Excess skin?
48:40  Exercise and insulin resistance


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  1. lorna white
    My question is if you are on LCHF diet only and not the Keto diet does it help with sugar levels and blood pressure.
    Reply: #2
  2. Yes.

    A keto diet is simply a very strict low-carb diet, for maximum power.

  3. Carole
    My ? Is can you have freshly squeezed lemon in water I find after bulletproof coffee I want something tart. Also sugar free gum is it permitted.
  4. Ken field
    I'm 6-1 started at 283 have lost 23 pounds in 15 weeks I am not showing on the strips that I am in ketosis. I eat less than 30 carbs a day and lots of fat. Does this seem like a reasonable rate of weight loss
  5. Barbara
    Net carbs versus whole carb........what should I be counting?
    Reply: #6
  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Barbara!

    We count net carbs.

    Net carbs versus whole carb........what should I be counting?

  7. Jenneah
    Hello, Can I eat Elli Quark while doing keto?
  8. Nancy
    If you have gout or a high uric acid count on your blood work, can you do this lifestyle? Ten of the worst things to eat with gout are listed online. Fish, shellfish, caffeine, fried food, beef and rich sauces made with butter and fat. These are the main ones that I enjoy on the LCHF lifestyle.

    Please advise, thank you

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  10. Rachael

    I am new to Keto Diet and like to make my own breads, crackers and muffins (low carb & keto of course) I am wondering how much/many is allowed per day? Also the same with dairy. I love my cheese, cream and butter but how much is too much?

    Regards Rachael

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  12. Roxanne
    I'm 3 weeks on and all of sudden in week I'm not losing weight. All my numbers have been consistant this whole time. Is there something I can do to get my lost started again
  13. Susan Dill
    I am on a Warfarin diet due to DVT Blood Clots. I can't have 90% of the veggies that are on the Keto diet. What can I do?
  14. Maria linder
    I need my question answered an no one has one. First I have no gall bladder. I’m fine and it doesn’t bother me at all with keto meals but more fat I eat like avacados I am having foul flatulance? When I didn’t diet it didn’t happen very often? What’s going on?

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