Keto questions answered

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Do you have questions about the keto diet and ketosis?

Here’s a full questions and answers session with keto experts Professor Dominic D’Agostino, Dr. Jacob Wilson and Dr. Angela Poff etc.

Watch the full Q&A session above (transcript).

Table of contents

  0:30  High morning blood sugar while in ketosis?
  3:13  Performance improvements in ketosis?
  4:48  Loss of muscle – metabolic syndrome
  7:30  Reversing atherosclerosis with a ketogenic diet?
  8:54  Can you improve osteporosis on keto?
13:15  Ketone supplementation and blood sugar for type 1?
18:22  Transition period into the ketogenic diet?
21:10  Protein, acidity, cancer? Help to shift people towards keto?
26:12  Ketogenic diet and cancer
28:15  Timing of exercise, fasting and keto diet
32:39  McArdle’s Disease and ketosis
36:51  Visual to help with adopting a keto diet?
39:49  Science behind exogenous ketones?
46:00  Excess skin?
48:40  Exercise and insulin resistance


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