How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – The Video Course

Do you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes?

We’ve been fortunate enough to get to work with one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, Dr. Jason Fung. He was kind enough to travel from Canada to Sweden, just to record video courses with us.

Above you can watch the first part of the diabetes video series. It’s a brief introduction to how to reverse type 2 diabetes and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The diabetes reversal series continued

There are several more parts live on the membership site already (see below).

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The Essential Problem with Type 2 Diabetes - Dr. Jason Fung
How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Dr. Jason Fung
How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2 – Dr. Jason Fung

More with Dr. Fung – the fasting series

More with Dr. Fung – interviews


Q&A and introduction

Ask Dr. Jason Fung

Who Is Dr. Jason Fung?
Dr. Fung’s blog:


How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


  1. Steven
    Do thou have a TOFI specific program?
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  3. Alberta tetteh
    Doctor am a Ghanaian, nd u no how our food is, pls can I also practice, am 27 yrs nd also a breastfeeding mother, what should I do at de start
  4. Vikrant kumar
    Hello sir , my name is vikrant my age is 33 years old my weight is only 48 kg . Please recommend me some diet to increase my weight or control my auger level.
  5. Aamer
    I want to join urs programme

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