“How can I ensure I get enough nutrition on OMAD?”


Is keto helpful for reversal of type 2 diabetes? How can you ensure you get enough nutrition on OMAD? And can you use Diet Coke as an alcohol mixer on a low-carb diet?

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Is keto helpful for reversal of type 2 diabetes?

During the last five years I have been in and out of the prediabetes range, five HbA1c tests have been in the range of 5.5 to 6.3. Recently I tested at 6.6, and my doctor said I am now diabetic.

I have started a keto diet and intermittently fast every day on a 19:5 schedule. Is this a good plan, and is it realistic for me to aim to get an HbA1c under 5.7 after three months, and thus reverse my diabetes diagnosis?


There is a growing body of literature showing carbohydrate restriction is an effective means for reversing diabetes and normalizing blood markers. In addition, time restricted eating has shown benefit for lowering blood glucose and insulin levels as well. The time frame may be different for each individual, but fortunately it is something that is easy to measure. I recommend people work with their physicians to follow HbA1c, blood sugar and insulin levels to track their progress. Our guide to reversing diabetes may help.

Dr. Bret Scher

How can you ensure you get enough nutrition on OMAD?

A typical meal might be four sandwiches, each with one poached egg, two slices of bacon and one slice of American cheese on 100% whole wheat bread. I’ll follow this with two cups of 2% milk or unsweetened almond milk with two scoops of plant-based protein powder. In all it comes to 2,000 calories. I’d like to eat more healthy vegetables but I only have a two-hour window and won’t eat again for two days so I can’t fill up on bulky, low-calorie foods… can I?

Thats a good question, We tried to address some of these concerns in our guide on OMAD.

To strike the balance between fasting and optimal nutrition and optimal protein intake, it may be better to use OMAD or alternate day fasting as an intermittent, rather than a regular practice. Otherwise you may run the risk of inadequate protein and other nutrients. A multivitamin may help with micronutrients, but not with protein!

Dr. Bret Scher

Diet Coke as an alcohol mixer?

Can you have Diet Coke as a mixer for vodka on a low-carb diet?


Noncaloric sweeteners are a tough question to answer with certainty. We have a guide that may help.

The short answer is that for some these sweeteners are a slippery slope and stimulate our “sweet tooth” that can lead to cravings. For others, they can be a tool to help feel less deprived and keep on plan. In a perfect world, we would all avoid them, but let’s be honest, no one is perfect and this is far from a perfect world. So, you need to find what works for you. Can you use an unsweetened mixture? Or do you “need” the Diet Coke? You can also check out our alcohol guide to see if that helps.

Dr. Bret Scher

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