“Here I am seven months later and I rarely suffer from migraines”

Before and after

Before and after

Natalie suffered greatly from migraines. She realized that keeping her blood sugar levels low was vital for avoiding migraines, and decided to try a low-carb diet in order to keep it in check.

This is what has happened after seven months:


My name is Natalie and I’m 23 years old. I’ve suffered from migraines since elementary school.

In order to manage my migraines I must keep a stable blood sugar level. I tried to achieve this by eating often, the very same moment that I started to feel shaky and developed a headache. Which was very often! I quickly grabbed a sandwich or a fruit. You probably understand that this didn’t work at all, my blood sugar dropped very soon and I was overweight!

So I started searching the internet for keeping a stable blood-sugar level, and I read that a low-carb diet might be the solution.

And here I am seven months later and I rarely suffer from migraines (only when I’ve cheated) and I am 25 kg (55 lbs) lighter!


Congratulations Natalie! What a fantastic journey.

It’s quite common for people to experience an improvement with fewer migraine episodes on low carb.

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  1. Venda
    Thank you for sharing your story. Migraine is the reason why I started with LCHF. I am doing this only three weeks for now and I still have migraine. But I hope that it needs some time and I will also get rid off them.
    Plus I want to lose weight so it would be a win-win situation :)
    Reply: #3
  2. Pierre
    IF You Have Migraine Headaches, Try These Simple Tips First

    Stop eating gluten.
    Rule out additional food triggers for the headache – Common triggers are sugar, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, cheese and other dairy products, wine, processed lunch meats and artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet (aspartame). You can find this information out by having your doctor run a delayed hypersensitivity food allergy test.

    Get tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies – Vitamins are often times used as treatment for migraines. The most common -Vitamin B2, vitamin B-12 (this is the most common deficiency for those with gluten sensitivity), magnesium, and CoQ10.

    Avoid the use of perfumes, scented air fresheners, and scented soaps – many of the chemicals in these items can trigger migraines directly.

    Visit a chiropractor – Many headaches begin with structural problems in the spine as well as muscular dysfunction. A reputable chiropractor should be able to help you determine these types of problems.

    Read more at https://www.glutenfreesociety.org/migraine-headaches-and-gluten-sensi...

  3. Teresa
    Migraine is such a difficult beast to deal with. I went LC about 3 years ago, and my migraines are better but not gone. I am not taking any prophylactic meds anylonger, only Mg, B2 and Q10. Besides I'm 50 and in perimenopause. But it is better. I used to have between 4-8 migraines/month, which responded well to Triptans. Now I have 0-4. Hang in there, even if the "miracle cure" by going LCHF does not apply to all! It did not to me, but I love this LCHF life anyway!
    Dear dietdoctor team, are we planing to add "forums" to this wonderful website for members to be able to exchange info on various subjects? Migraine would be one of them..?
    Cheers from Germany!
  4. Alison Goss
    I battled with migraines too. I got them with stress and high intensity workouts. Every time I ran, XC skied, or mountain biked I got one. I researched migraines and came across a regimen for epilepsy that required a HFLC diet. I thought i had nothing to lose trying this diet. It worked. I rarely get migraines and there were other benefits: My figure changed to a more hour glass shape, I was never hungry, I got to eat food I had shunned since adolescence and I enjoy a stable mood. I eat carbs occasionally and enjoy them.

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