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Satyajit was only able to drop a minimal amount of weight, in spite of efforts to follow conventional wisdom. But then everything changed – a search for health articles on the internet made him decide to give LCHF a try:

The Email

Hello Andreas,

After reading quite a few interesting stories about people and their experience with the LCHF way of eating, and getting some amazing health results, I thought I should also share my story with you.

By mid 2015, I used to be 105 kg (231 lbs). Five years back, I had reached my highest weight at 110 kg (243 lbs). Five years of standard weight management and intermittent dieting brought me from 110 to 105 kg (243 to 231 lbs) but that was the minimum weight I reached. Then, while reading various health-related articles, I came across the LCHF way of eating and landed on the Diet Doctor website. I enriched myself with enough knowledge and confidence, spending a good five months of reading and watching the videos, people’s interviews etc.

Then came January 2016 and I started my LCHF journey, cutting out sugar, milk and refined vegetable oils completely. Eating more fat, protein and low to moderate complex carbs, mostly brown rice and oats (restricting to just one meal). After two months of LCHF, when I lost almost 11 kg (24 lbs), I joined a neighborhood gym and started doing strength training, and to my surprise, after four months, I had achieved some wonder, which I had never imagined. My waist came down from 38 to 32 inches (97 to 81 cm), weight wise I touched my personal best at 80 kg (176 lbs).

The best part is that my fatty liver of four years was gone, my triglycerides had come down from 165 to 70. HDL has increased from 35 to 48, LDL not much difference, but certainly my HDL:LDL ratio had improved.

Since May 2016, I am successfully able to maintain my weight at 80 kg (176 lbs), however able to lower my fat% from 22 % to 18 %. I have fallen in love with LCHF, and its now a lifestyle. This will certainly remain with me for ever. At 45, I am looking ten years younger with an equally younger energy level. All my metabolic disorders (blood pressure, stress, acidity) are all gone. I am leading the most healthiest part of my life.

I am now a paying member of Diet Doctor, trying my best to improve my knowledge on nutrition. Have started guiding people, making them aware of the health benefits from this way of eating. And the best part is that people are getting the results and spreading this knowledge.

Thanks and regards,


Congratulations Satyajit, to your low-carb success!

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  1. gbl
    I assume Satjajit was not in Ketosis? If not, it's good to know this diet can be successful even without that extreme which of course, may still be necessary for those with Diabetes.

    I'm curious to know if Satjajit lives in NA or in India and what compromises he made for his cultural diet preferences, if any.

  2. Francoise
    Thank you for sharing your story and spreading the word! Congratulations for achieving success.
  3. Tamarah
    Congrats for finding Health and taking it back . Great story Kudos to you My Friend !
  4. Satyajit
    Hey gbl,
    No, I never was in Ketosys. In fact I am not a big fan of ketosys, as I had tried it for just two week Before I gave it up. It certainly require lots of dicipline, and I never thought it is required for me, looking into the fact, the kind of fat loss result I could get with just cutting down the regular carbs, strength training and intermittent fasting. Life was really very good without compromising much. Even my wife started enjoying her clean kitchen and getting some extra time for her shopping and other hobbies, by spending less time in the kitchen. Yes, I stay in India. Giving up cultural food, yes, I have quit "Roti" the traditional wheat bread, In place of white rice, it's now my love affair with these three complex carbs, brown rice, oats & quinoa. Otherwise, it's plenty of veggie, and all those non- veg stuff, cottage cheese, and cooking all of them with "Ghee" ( clarified butter).

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