Dr. Maryanne Demasi Applauded For Exposing Statin Con

This clip is worth watching. It’s Dr. Aseem Malhotra speaking in Australia, about how Dr. Maryanne Demasi was attacked for questioning mass statin prescriptions on national TV.

If you want to watch the banned Catalyst shows they are embedded below.

The Heart of the Matter Part 1

The Heart of the Matter Part 2 (on Statins)


Diet, Health and an Epidemic of Misinformation – Dr. Aseem Malhotra
How to Make Your Food a Powerful Medicine, Not a Slow Poison – Dr. Aseem Malhotra
Statin Nation


“Stop Buying Into the Great Statin Con”

Three Truth Seekers Fighting Bad Science

‘We Are Very Worried’ Former Royal Doctor Demands Statins Inquiry

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  1. Carol
    Since I'm pretty sure the Australian Newspaper wont publish my letter, I'm publishing it on your site as you have more readers anyway....
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Why is John Ross (article The Australian Thurs 28th 2017) going after Dr Maryanne Demassi in such a disrespectful way....again?

    Do we have to follow the money trail right back to the Australian Newspaper?

    Wouldn't a more interesting line of enquiry be "Thousands sue for damages against cholesterol drugs as Big Pharma defends billion dollar industry" source http://healthimpactnews/2014
    Or "The General Public is not Stupid" source https://www.dietdoctor.com/corruption-academic-medicine. Article by Dr Jason Fung. ???

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