Dr. Gary Fettke exonerated! Receives apology from regulators

Fettke exonerated

Common sense makes a comeback in Australia, as regulators drop all charges against Dr. Gary Fettke and apologize for their peculiar ruling.

Fettke, an orthopedic surgeon, was sanctioned in 2016 by regulators (the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency or AHPRA) for recommending a low-carb lifestyle to patients he felt could improve their health by changing their diets. As we wrote in November 2016, Dr. Fettke was officially ‘silenced’ by the AHPRA; this means he was forbidden to give diet-related advice to his patients.

We are pleased to report that after careful review, the AHPRA has repealed its decision in its entirety, and cleared Dr. Fettke of all charges. He also received a written apology:

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the errors that were made when dealing with this notification. We recognise that these errors are likely to have compounded any distress that you experienced as a result of being the subject of this investigation.”

Further, Fettke’s announcement of the decision adds more good news:

Further to all this, the wording of the document clearly implies that there is no harm in Gary, nor any other health professional in Australia, recommending Low Carb Healthy Fat principles…

We celebrate the power of this exoneration — for Gary, his family, and his medical practice. We celebrate the message it sends to low-carb doctors everywhere. Like Dr. Tim Noakes’ acquittal in June, this is a significant victory for the entire low-carb movement and its mission to improve global health.


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  1. Elizabeth Finch
    Elizabeth F
    A thousand Congratulations Gary Fettke for knowing what was right and for standing up for what you believe in. Exoneration at last!!! Shame on AHPRA for trying to deny the truth! We Australians deserve the best medical advice. We have intelligent thinking doctors who follow truth! Let them speak. Let them help us become well! Science is ever changing - why did you, AHPRA, not know that! I am beside myself with joy at this result! Now we might make some real progress in the treatment of our sick population. The truth will always win! Well done Gary Fettke and all who have and still are continuing to pursue justice for what is true. Finally a fantastic result!
  2. Lori
    I wonder whether there will ever come a day when Big Foods and Big Pharma are charged with murder for consistently denying the benefits of LCHF to those of us who are carb intolerant? Well done Gary for challenging perceived wisdom.
  3. Jennifer Adair
    The truth shall make you free! It is a great thing that has happened here! This governing board has finally seen the light! Halaleuya, and pass the butter!
  4. Carol
    So relieved for Gary and Belinda. I don't think AHPRA would have seen the light so clearly had not Gary and Belinda done there own research and uncovered some very dodgy business ie links between the so called expert witness and some very dodgy medical evangelism that forms the basis of dodgy nutrition science. Well done on that score by the way. Heard Belinda talking on The Dudes Podcast. We must now (through the Dudes perhaps and Ketofest Canberra) demand that AHPRA become more transparent. What will the anonymous dietitians who report him every year do with themselves now?? Read some real (not epidemiology) science perhaps.? Or take a closer look at the success Gary is having with patients.....and celebrate it by shouting it from the rooftops.?
  5. Francoise
    Such wonderful news! The Fettke family must feel wonderful being vindicated.
  6. Andrew
    Fabulous news. As with Prof Tim Noakes the truth about Low Carb is becoming heard and understood.
  7. Tamarah
    Amazing News Dr Fettke .. this is so exciting for this whole movement.. we are making progress. Keep marching on .
  8. Matt
    The irony here is that Gary got a lot more publicity as a result of the original stupid ruling than he probably would have got if he was left alone. I realise it was a lot of pain for Gary and family to go through however. Go Gary.
  9. Peter Paterson
    What a gutsy effort from Gary and Belinda to stand up for the facts against such shocking and transparently dodgy victimisation. You deserve an Order of Australia medal for your efforts in helping bring the low carb message into the mainstream, although I think in spite of this humiliating turn around by your detractors, the medical establishment are still a fair way off that kind of humility.
  10. Fungsters Name Withheld
    I've been protecting my Australian Dr since hearing about this.

    Everytime I mention on the keto forums that I finally found a Dr in Australia who recommends eating Keto, many ask for her details but I've been too scared to say who she is to protect her mental health and employment as a GP.

    This is such a relief to hear that a Dr isn't being bullied by the AHPRA anymore.

  11. ruth
    Hooray! About time. From a down-under fan
  12. Lynda
    Congratulations Gary, this is excellent news. I hope this exoneration receives an equivalent amount of media coverage as the original ruling if not more. Seems there has to be a lot of pain to make a gain but the tide really seems to be turning now. We've all got to keep spreading the word. Well done Gary and Belinda for standing up for the truth.
  13. Penelope Lauder
    Am so pleased to hear the.news, since being on LCFH and.no sugar my insulin level is back to normal, all other rsults of my.blood test were excellent, my thankz to you and Dr Ballentyne
  14. RT
    Congratulations, Dr. Fettke! Throughout the official silencing, he was also fortunate to have a strong and supportive wife who spoke in his stead.
    My best guess is that, with all the evidence mounting up (or, more to the point, which has existed forever) in favor of LCHF as a healthy and viable way of eating, the Anointed (to borrow Tom Naughton’s term) realaize they’re just going to look like fools if they continue trying to squelch dissent against the current officially sanctioned views on nutrition.
  15. Dr Parikshit Bhattacharyya
    So good to hear this news. Slowly but steadily, the tide is turning! Thanks to Dr Fettke and the many others who have been trying to spread the word.
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  17. David
    So now we wait for Dr James Muecke to be struck off for making dietary advice .
  18. John D Stephens MD
    I successfully eliminated my own type 2 diabetes and concomitant heart arrythmias. I am now celebrating 1 year without any cycling induced arrythmias -by following a LCHF diet . My weight control also is enhanced by following I D M(intermittent dietary management)- usually 12-24 hour windows . I am also feel I am now “fat adapted” such that I can bike ride 25-40 mile rides without “bonking” and not requiring any energy foods -just water . My deepest gratitude goes out to Dr Jason Fung MD whose scientific book OBESITY CODE convinced me of the rationale behind insulin resistance as causative of my obesity .
    My EP (electrophysiology cardiologist) remains in disbelief of my own “self cure” of my/his 10 years of unsuccessful multiple ablations ! “just by adopting a fancy diet he eliminated his a.fib and arrythmias -unbelievable but true !”
    SOOOoo has LCHF the possibility of dysruption of high technical electrophysiology treatments for persistent heart arrythmias ?
    John D Stephens MD
  19. Brian in US
    ANYONE concerned and doing Low Carb should also do your homework on "vegetable oils" and their effect on insulin!!! Cheers!

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