Diabetes reversed using low carb on BBC – again! – what will old-school dietitians say now?

Do you want to see type 2 diabetes reversed on TV, using a low-carb approach? Here’s a new episode of Doctor in the House, and Dr. Chatterjee’s advice works just as well again.

Watch it above or via BBC if you’re in the UK.

One of the participants has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After around 5 weeks on a low-carb diet the disease is gone – all the tests are normal – and she’s lost around 30 pounds (13 kilos).

After episode one of the show old-school dietitians freaked out. Apparently doctors should not give their patients advice that helps them revolutionize their health. Especially not other advice than dietitians use to no noticeable effect at all.

Another approach would be to learn something. I hope a lot of dietitians are realizing the opportunity they have, helping their patients to achieve amazing results.


Doctor in the House – Watch Diabetes Reversed Using Low Carb on BBC, While Old-School Dietitians Freak Out


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  1. Peter Enck
    I did the exact same thing! When I was diagnosed with T2D I was immediately prescribed Metforim. No discussion of simple dietary change for reversal, I had to do the legwork and found this site. Within two weeks blood glucose is back to normal and lost over thirty lbs in the past 3 months!!! Now my doctor wants me to take medication for high cholesterol! When will the medical profession get their act together?!?!

    Bottom line is be your own medical advocate, most doctors know nothing about LCHF and/or are in the drug company's back pocket.

  2. Pierre
    The drugs companies will lose a lot of customers, if people start to follow their example.
    Hope that happen.
  3. bill
    If we applaud this, we risk making the same mistake
    as Dean Ornish, who claims his low fat regime is
    successful, while ignoring confounders. If we
    question whether the Ornish Lifestyle study vindicated
    his low fat approach while at the same time
    championing the LCHF part because of Dr. Chatterjee's
    success in this instance we would be making a logical
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  5. Pierre
    Look what happening in Manitoba


    @bill blood tests show the results

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  6. Tor H
    "Chronic kidney disease is linked to poverty and is most commonly found in adults who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, said the researchers. "

    And both high blood pressure and diabetes are symptoms of insulin resistance, so perhaps the kidney disease is a result of the IR too?

  7. Elizabeth
    There are many scientific studies backing LCHF. Actually, Dr. Chatterjee is not doing LCHF. What he is doing is taking processed foods out of the diet and cutting out sugar and starch.
    I have not seen anything that says he is using a diet high in saturated fats. LCHF is better in my experience but what he is using is such an improvement over the normal diet of most people that he still gets excellent results.
    It is interesting to me how defensive people get about cutting out starch, sugar and processed foods. I think that is called addictive behavior.
    I think the BBC cannot take LCHF mainstream because of their sponsors and the existing medical professionals. One day it will be mainstream, but for now this is the best we can hope for apparently.
    This show will get a lot of people to realize things they can do to help themselves and take back control of their life.
    How tall is this doctor ! Andreas are you showing a preference for tall people on this site ? How about some clever shorties ? However , great program .
  9. Stealth

    It may be a logical fallacy to follow LCHF (I don't think it is) but I'd rather "make a mistake" and avoid diabetes and heart disease with LCHF than wait around for the perfect study with absolutely no confounding elements.

    If you prefer to wait, that's your choice.

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  10. Carol
    Dr Chatterjee is a modern day hero. Well done Dr for the sensitive way you have given these people back their lives and their health.
  11. Murray
    We don't applaud this outside of context. Yes it would be a logical error to assume lchf is established as effective just on the basis of one or several cases, post hoc ergo propter hoc, and all. But this case study occurs in the context of a substantial amount of robust supporting science on metabolism and innumerable case studies. Viewed in that context, applauding this case is common sense, not a logical error.
  12. Eden
    I really enjoy this program and the interventions and changes that Dr. Chatterjee introduces to these people. It is so heartening to see their improvements.
  13. bill
    "It may be a logical fallacy to follow LCHF..."

    That is not what I'm saying at all. I follow
    LCHF, but that's beside the point.

    When the intervention includes more than
    one variable - in this case exercise and eating
    at the table, etc - one cannot argue that the
    success was from a single variable - Low Carb.
    That is what Ornish does.

    Let's try to be consistent.

  14. chris c
    The elephant in the room - which the dieticians in their rabid attacks are failing to notice - is the fact that the family's doctors singularly failed this family, and even failed to diagnose her diabetes. One guy comes along and seriously improves their health with simple logical interventions and they go gunning for HIM. Quite an appalling display.
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  15. Apicius
    Excellent observation, Chris C! You have just distilled the essence of what it takes to be an "expert", worthy of praise, in the medical world today.
  16. Jyothi
    Hi I work in Saudi Arabia and have been on metformin and glyceride for nearly a decade. For the past six months medicines stopped working for me. Desperate not to start insulin which was being strongly advocated by the doctors, I started my own research and stumbled on the Newcastle University reversal of diabetes 2 report. I started the diet just 11days ago and my fasting sugar has been consistently 122 for the past five days from a high of 206. I also have recorded lower post meal readings between 111 and 173. I intend to continue for the total 8 weeks and record the readings. I am really hoping to reverse diabetes 2!!
  17. Liz
    This is so inspirational. Thank you for making it available or those of us in the US.
  18. Stacy
    This is so fantastic. I love seeing people learn how to make a few changes and restore their health. Everyone deserves to be well and happy.
  19. David Jackson
    In reality they consumed less calories, it's not about the low carb diet, plus they moved more.

    Eat less and move more...that's all you have to do.

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