Cholesterol on keto – Dave Feldman


What happens to cholesterol levels on a keto diet? Can weight loss cause increased LDL cholesterol levels? Can resistance training lower LDL cholesterol?

Dave Feldman has carried out a number of extremely ambitious n=1 experiments and measured what happened to his cholesterol profile. In this presentation from the Low Carb Denver 2019 conference, he talks about his experiments and the sometimes surprising results.

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Dave Feldman: I hypothesize, when you make your muscles sore they consume LDL particles for repair and growth. You need more cell membranes to make more cells or to repair the ones that already have a problem.

So, I see a lot of studies like this one for example, we’re sure not there’s a lot of resistance training, if there’s a lot of potential for micro terra’s and so forth, you happen to see LDL tends to go down, and that’s why I decided to structure this experiment.

I want to keep everything identical from one day to the next for 20 days straight, and so you know this graphic I’m showing up here is only the first five days and those are not duplicate photos.

I literally ate the same way at 10AM, 3PM and 8PM, which is by the way my baseline diet for doing the experiment, and so doing it for 20 days straight I could then have two interventions that would be very discretely obvious keeping everything else as the same as possible, and this is what it looked like.

I was taking with a cardio check, taking my lipids every single morning, and as you can see at those top two that’s the total cholesterol and the LDL, you can see that the generally hover about the same. And then I introduced my first exercise regime, and this is what happened.

Then I did the second exercise regime, and this is what happened. You can see right here, from both the intervention one where I was doing a vibration plate and high intensity interval training and then of course the more intensive interval two, where I did the weight lifting and I did the vibration plate and you can see what a difference it made, and this is shown pretty well on this chart right here.

The actual drop of LDL at its bottom was 15% for the first one and 17% for the second one, which to me suggests that there may in fact be some degree of endocytosis that’s going on with LDL particles. Still a theory, make no mistake, but certainly one that I was excited to try out in that experiment.


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