Is cholesterol the cause of heart disease?

Does cholesterol really cause heart disease? And if not – what does?

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick has studied and authored a book about cholesterol and heart disease. This is what he has to say on the topic.

Some of the points which are addressed in the interview are:

  • Why is the current theory about what causes heart disease wrong?
  • Is a high cholesterol dangerous?
  • Should anyone take statins?
  • What can people do to reduce their risk?
  • Why Dr. Kendrick got interested in cholesterol and heart disease.

Watch a part of our interview above, where he talks about whether he thinks people should take statins (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Is cholesterol the cause of heart disease? – Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

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Cholesterol and heart disease


The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

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