How to avoid complications of type 1 diabetes

Why are the recommendations to people with diabetes to eat a high-carb diet a bad idea? How does it likely increase the risk of complications massively? And what is the alternative?

This is one of the most personal and powerful presentations from the recent Low Carb USA conference. In it Dr. David Dikeman tells the story of how his son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – and came back home with dietary advice that sent his blood sugar on a rollercoaster.

Then Dr. Dikeman and his wife stumbled upon Dr. Bernstein’s low-carb work and started implementing his recommendations. This totally changed his son’s life.

Watch it

Watch a preview above (transcript). The full 37-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) here:

How to avoid complications of type 1 diabetes – Dr. David Dikeman

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Here’s what our members have said about the presentation (in additon to giving it a 4.9/5 rating):

So pleased to have heard Dr David Dikeman’s Type 1 lecture on dietdoctor ! Straight talking that I needed to hear 30 years ago, when all we got was doubt and prevarication from our clinics!
– Luz

Fantastic presentation, Dr. Dikeman. Thanks for all you do to help others improve their health.
– Stacy

As usual, a very good presentation.
The very informative and high quality presentations here in the video section is what makes paying for my membership so very worth it. I would only wish for even more of them.
– Niklas

We have a lot more of them coming up soon. ;)
– Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt

I am so grateful to David Dikeman and the work he has done with Dr Bernstein. I am not a type 1 diabetic but when I began to suspect that I was on my way to type 2 over a decade ago it was Dr Bernstein who I followed with great success. His work deserves to be preserved and David Dikeman is helping him do that.
– Jean

Thanks so much! I pay and I check out the site every day, I LOVE when I have some new content to explore!
– Debra

Brilliant lecture. Thank you.
– Jennifer

Well done RD. I hope to meet you and your family one day. T1 with normal blood sugars : )
– Jamie

My now 18 year old son was diagnosed within the same time as Dikeman’s son in 2013. It took months to find a physician and others that supported a low carb approach. All the while Endocrinologists shouting “carbohydrate restriction!”. Thank you Dr. Bernstein for all that you have done and all that you do!
– Kate

This is one of the best medical lectures that I have heard and I have heard hundreds. I have been aware of Dr. Bernstein youtube course for a couple of years. The dietitians have to accept what they have been preaching is B.S. and that is tough to accept.
– Brooks

Such an inspiring message and presentation! I am flabbergasted that the medical establishment continues to ignore the LCHF research and beneficial results for patients.
– Francoise

Love your lecture! Our whole family is reaping the benefits. Both girls growing physically and mentally. There energy is amazing and endless. This works for everyone! We are all finally living life the way it was meant to be lived. Thank you, Dr. Bernstein!
– Paul

RD you’re a rock star slaying this Diabetes Talk! You and your family are such an inspiration! <3 Hayden no ever want to eat anything that would harm his big brother <3. I know your story well by now but man! That sentence got me in the heart! Thank you for all you do! – Deb

How to Avoid Complications of Type 1 Diabetes – Dr. David Dikeman


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