Does alcohol stop ketosis?


Does alcohol stop ketosis? What happens if you eat more fat than your body needs? And will a slightly higher carb intake kick you out of ketosis?

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Alcohol stopping ketosis?

We are trying to get into ketosis and measuring blood ketones which seem to be sitting around 1.0 mmol/L. We have adjusted and readjusted our protein and carb amounts to be within the limits you suggest. Last night I had three vodkas – being no-carb alcohol, can this still affect ketosis levels or would we be doing something else wrong?

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Alcohol should not have any major effect on ketosis, as long as it’s no-carb alcohol like vodka (without sweet ingredients in a drink of course). If anything, pure alcohol tends to somewhat increase ketosis.

For best results choose low-carb alcoholic drinks like wine or other low-carb drinks, see the guide below.

Also note that many people get more sensitive to alcohol on a ketogenic diet. Be careful and never drink and drive, this is especially true on keto.

Andreas Eenfeldt


If I eat more fat than my body needs for fuel, what happens to the excess?

I understand that if one eats more carbs (glucose) and/or protein than one’s body can immediately use, the excess can be stored as fat. What happens to dietary fat if one eats more of it than can be used? Is it, too, stored, or does the body excrete it?


It’s mostly stored, though there may be a slight increase in calories burned on low carb.

Don’t eat when you’re not hungry, and this should not really be an issue on a low-carb diet, as fat is very satiating.

Andreas Eenfeldt

Will going moderate low carb >50 carbs turn brain back to using carbs for fuel instead of ketones?

I think I need to up carbs for energy. I enjoy how being in ketosis makes me feel most of the time, but when I try to do long runs it just about wipes me out. I’ve been good about keeping up my salt/potassium/magnesium as well. If I up the carbs, that will probably take me out of ketosis right? Then do I just need to make sure I have enough carbs for the brain? Sorry, I’m just a bit confused on that part.


Carbs at >50 may still result in some ketosis, but far less. So some people feel less awesome doing that. Worth testing some extra carbs a few hours before long runs though, that might work well for you.

Andreas Eenfeldt


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