Tips on how to make keto sustainable

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How can you make the transition to a low-carb or keto diet as smooth as possible? Kristie Sullivan should know, since she has successfully been on the diet for four years. In this interview she shares her best tips and tricks, ranging from eating out at restaurants to quick dishes to make when you have no time.

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Keto for beginners


  1. Birgit
    Sustainable can obviously mean very different things. Of course the meaning used in this video is also important to me. But I also try to minimize food waste. Not only am I trying to buy only what I can eat, but also I eat some "weed" and vegetables growing like weed. Additionally I frequently eat what might otherwise be trown away by the slaughterhouse.
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  3. Marion Dunford
    Reading day by day and using the meal plan. Biggest problems I have seen is people starting keto with no research preparation.
  4. Irene
    I find it hard in incorporate enough veggies every day with the meals. The toughest thing is having enough greens in the house for the whole family. Can I suggest that DD needs more leafy salads in their meal plans

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