“Reversing type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines”

Here’s a great new TEDx-talk on how to reverse type 2 diabetes using LCHF diets. It was released a couple of days ago.

The presenter is Dr. Sarah Hallberg, the medical director and founder of the Indiana University – Arnett Health Medical Weight Loss Program. I didn’t know about her before, but suspect this is not the last we hear from her.

This talk starts out good, but it turns great as it goes on. Anybody with type 2 diabetes – or who treats type 2 diabetes – would benefit from seeing it.

The presentation been viewed over 12,000 times in just a few days. Hopefully it will be seen by ten times as many soon, end up on the main TED site – and be seen by millions.


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  1. Murray
    This is an excellent presentation. It would be difficult to craft a better presentation that conveys this much insight and is just 18 minutes long.
  2. Dina
    Wow! What energy.
    A really good presentation.
    I do hope this is not the last we hear from her.
  3. FrankG
    "...we'll leave the grandstanding to Doctor Oz" :-P

    I like this lady... a lot!

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  4. Kat
    I saw that yesterday because it was shared by someone in a Facebook LCHF group I belong to. She's great.
  5. Linda
    Damn right! Best part of her entire talk!
    [Why is he still on tv?]
  6. Zepp
    Its a very good speach, she is realy dedicated!

    Dr Fung says the same, and more!


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  7. Soul
    Bit off topic from diabetes, you likely would not know this in Sweden but Purdue and Indiana University are highly competitive with each other! At least sports wise. They have an intense rivalry against each. The two Universities are in the same state, a few hours driving distance from each other. She might be from the University of Indiana, but made me chuckle seeing the unexpected Purdue reference at the bottom!

    Nice diabetes talk!

  8. Jan
    Excellent video - what a great eighteen minutes.

    One for all to watch but please especially recommend it to any diabetics you know...

    All the best Jan

  9. Jessica
    Shared on facebook and twitter!! People need to see this
  10. Oliver
    Dr. Fung is great! The thing is that the average person will be more likely to watch this short, 18 minute video especially as Dr. Hallberg is an animated, captivating, and effective speaker and covers so much in those 18 minutes. Once the audience is hooked and gets it, they'll want to do more investigation and be more willing to sit through more in-depth, hour long videos. That's what I'm hoping, anyway.
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  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Speaking of Dr. Fung there is something great coming up on this blog tomorrow. ;)
  12. Zepp
    Yes I know and that was the whole purpose to put in a link to Dr Fung.. hoping cath some and make them listen!

    I like that speach of dr Fung, he is altso dedicated, and I think he is speaking to other doctors, medical students or other medical professionals?

    He ask the audience.. why are we treatening our patience in this way.. it make no sens!

    And after listening to both Dr Hallberg and Dr Fung.. next question is.. how about cholesterole on a high fat diet!

    Then luckely I have a link to Ivor Cummins about the topic!


    Cholesterole is a tricky problem.. if its a problem.. he sorts it out, in only a one and half hour!

    But then.. how about type 1?

    Well I do link to dr Bernstein.. he him self a type one seens his youth.. still healty at old age on LCHF!


    And fore those short of time.. heres another doctor whit type 1.. he makes it on 18 minutes!


  13. Nate
    Way to go Boilermakers!! What a great talk. Very efficient and touching on all of the main advantages of LCHF for T2's.

    I'm proud to say that I'm a graduate of Purdue. And, I think for them to sponsor this talk has earned them a donation from me.

    Sponsoring this talk is a bigger deal than one would normally think. The pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is the biggest maker of insulin in the USA. They have their headquarters and many drug (including my insulin) producing factories in the state. So, Eli Lilly has a lot of influence in local politics.

  14. BobM
    That was a great video. It's heartening to know the tide may be changing.
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  15. Thea
    Thank you to people like you ,Dr Fung ,this courageous young Dr who are going against the powerful might of politics and big money to give us the chance to make some educated decisions on our health. Bless you, bless you, bless you
  16. Boundless
    re: It's heartening to know the tide may be changing.

    That was my take-away from this TEDx presentation. Dr. Sarah is not a prominent LC advocate/blogger, but seems to be a mainstream MD who has finally figured out the bleedin' obvious about T2D and the consensus full-time glycemic diet.

    Most MDs will still be in denial, for years yet, and the public needs to treat them with the extreme skepticism they have earned. What ELSE don't they know? (and it's a long list)

  17. Pankaj Duggal
    I find Hallberg's deductions inaccurate. Inaccurate deductions are a form of intellectual abuse, for those that don't see the inaccuracy as they may take advice based on faulty logic. Hallberg correctly says that:
    1. "...insulin's job is to drive glucose or blood sugars into the cells where it can be used..." (at 1.33) and
    2. "...when someone is insulin resistant, then they are having trouble getting blood sugar where it needs to go - into those cells..." (at 1.36)
    3. "...when someone is insulin resistant, the body's response is to make more of it and insulin levels will rise and rise..." (at 1.55)
    4. "...however, usually it (insulin) cant' keep up for ever and even at those elevated levels of insulin - are not enough to keep the blood sugar in the normal range, so it (blood sugars) starts to rise - that's diabetes (at 2.19)

    From these propositions, Hallberg deduces a solution for diabetes - to reduce the sugars in the diet, so a low carb diet is proposed. The error is that Hallberg does not address the cause of 2. i.e. why is insulin having trouble getting the sugar into the cells in the first place? Well, it is because the cellular gateways for sugar import are blocked by saturated fats (i.e. fats mainly from dairy/eggs & meat). When you remove saturated fats from the diet, then insulin and blood sugar levels become normal. It is for this reason that those on a low fat/whole plant based diet do not get type 2 diabetes - period.

    Secondly, it is not a good strategy to reduce insulin and blood sugar levels by a low carb diet, while at the same time drastically increasing the risk of arterial damage and cancers by consumption of a high fat diet - it's like jumping from the pan into the fire.

    For those that wish to know the technical name for this defective logic, it is the denial of modus tollens.

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  18. Vicente
    Comparison of high-fat and high-protein diets with a high-carbohydrate diet in insulin-resistant obese women“.

    More saturated fat in the diet, more cholesterol in the diet, less carbs: better cardiovascular risk and better glucose management.

  19. Zepp
    Well thats not coreckt either!

    You got it right so far to that fat and glucose inhibit ones entry in to cells!

    The problem you not name is that the major problem is that we got a very limited capasity to store glucose!

    So if one get on to a high carb diet like Pritkins for an exampel.. it works for a time, the time that you live of body fat!

    Its altso cald low calorie diet.. and it works.. for a time!

    Insulin resistance and diabetes type 2 is more complicated then that.. but you are welcome to belive otherwise!

    Its about genetic predispotition and hígh glycemic load.. higher then your genes are comfortable whit!

    We do have different capasity to use glucose as fuel.. and to store it!

    Banting Lecture 2011
    Hyperinsulinemia: Cause or Consequence?

    "In this conceptual model, insulin resistance is caused
    by hyperinsulinemia and is an appropriate adaptation to the increased need to store fat in adipose tissue without causing hypoglycemia. Thus, insulin resistance is an adaptive response that successfully maintains normal circulating levels of fat and glucose as long as the b-cell is able to maintain sufficiently elevated insulin levels (57). Perhaps the time has come to expand our research focus to carefully investigate the environmental changes that have accompanied the epidemic of obesity and diabetes"


  20. erdoke
    Tiny mistake you make with this train of logic is that the majority of saturated fat in your blood is coming from exactly fructose, not from saturated fat in your meals. Fructose overconsumption causes hypertriglyceridemia and this pathway only produces saturated fatty acids, primarily palmitic acid.
    So the guy is in fact correct about cutting out sugar. Of course hyperinsulinaemia is another beast and for that reason other carbs should also be restricted.
    There is a recent study comparing saturated fats, especially palmitic acid in the plasma on low carb and low fat diets (Volek?). Least surprisingly low carb wins hands down, regardless of the much higher amount of SFA in diet.
    Btw, first sentence under the Wiki page of Palmitic acid/Biochemistry: "Excess carbohydrates in the body are converted to palmitic acid."
  21. Rob
    Bitter melon is a great source to control blood sugar with the right diet and exercise routine it's possible to reverse type 2 diabetes new study shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COuCqrmOZDc
  22. Tamarah
    FANTASTIC Video,, I shared it on FB a few days ago,, hoping to reach anybody who would listen,, but the DR really knows how to get her point across ,, she is an amazing speaker. I went on You tube and watched some other of her videos as well .. spread the word ppl . we have to keep trying to get it out there . This world is in some big time trouble .
  23. Theo
    This is excellent and gets the vital message out there.
    We've had really great lifestyle improvements from following LCHF
    ( also called Banting in South Africa)
    So many are trying to sabotage
    this valuable advice due to their vested interests.
    Shame on them that do so!!
  24. RT
    This lady has never heard of the Randle Cycle.
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  26. William Pleace
    This video seems to have been removed from the TED site!
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  27. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi William!

    It seems to work fine now! :)

    This video seems to have been removed from the TED site!

  28. Chris Clingerman
    Can you help me Doc?
  29. Shara
    I like that she admitted there’s a lot of money to be made if you’re sick. The truth is awful. I just wish she pointed out that red and processed meat is directly linked to heart disease and diabetes, dairy is also linked to diabetes and obesity. Those things really need to be cut out or minimized greatly.

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