“Now I’ve become one of your success stories…”


I received an e-mail this week from Gerda who wanted to share the amazing results that she has gotten after starting eating an LCHF diet 2.5 years ago:

The E-Mail

Dear DietDoctor,

I want to thank you for all the great inspiration and a great blog where you can find answers and so forth. You have truly been a source of inspiration and courage. I will soon be a family physician, and have eaten LCHF for two and a half years, initially very strictly, but now I’m more liberal. And it shouldn’t be a secret that it hasn’t been and isn’t easy both personally and professionally to defend that I have changed my lifestyle so drastically and want to continue eating low carb for the rest of my life.

I have to share in my everyday life, and at my job to my colleagues. Which I just started doing, but with some resistance!

I just want to get everyone on board on this amazing lifestyle that completely transforms lives from earlier having suffered/are suffering from symptoms and diseases that were regarded as normal, to a life free of all these difficulties. Now I’ve become one of your success stories that I’ve so often read on your blog and I must tell you how it has gone.

This is a looong list over everything I, without exaggeration and with an as objective view as I possibly can have, have LCHF to thank for:

  • I lost weight – 10 kg (22 lbs) in 4 months
  • Lighter periods
  • Less menstrual pain to almost none (I used to be in terrible pain before)
  • Increased physical strength and performance
  • Better sleep, I wake up well rested after fewer hours of sleep
  • I fall asleep faster and I sleep better
  • Stronger nails
  • No yeast infections anymore (used to suffer from these 2-12 times per year)
  • No pain in joints and back like before
  • No pain in the back/neck after painting etc
  • No pain in shoulders/back after having slept on a bad mattress
  • No nausea/dizziness/tendency to throw up/fainting without breakfast like earlier, because of stable blood sugar
  • Hunger pangs are gone
  • More stable mood
  • Reduced thyroid medication
  • Less sugar cravings
  • Calmer stomach with less gas
  • Normal daily bowel movements
  • No more stomach pain
  • Eye dryness is gone
  • No more acid reflux
  • Not hypersensitive or intolerant to fatty or spicy foods. I can now eat whatever I want (just like I want)!
  • Erythema nordosum/red bumps on my legs (which I’ve had for many years back) are gone
  • Bilat tronkaterit which I’ve had for 10 years is gone
  • Motion sickness which I’ve suffered from throughout my whole life is gone (returns whenever I eat too many carbs)
  • Zits and spots on my arms are gone
  • Zits and spots on my face whenever I’m having my period/eating poorly are gone
  • No more dry hair or dry skin
  • Better skin and shinier hair
  • 3 years of chronic eczema on my hands is gone!!!
  • Eczema on my scalp/feet is gone
  • Nasal congestion is gone
  • Asthma is gone!!!

I’ve also been pregnant and breastfed a child during this time and LCHF has reduced my severe nausea, I didn’t suffer from SPD, felt more alert, and of course I gained very little weight (about 15 kg (33 lbs)). The little boy hasn’t had any spots or cried as much as the other two boys did (I suffered terribly from SPD and 3 months of constant nausea during both these pregnancies).

I am currently diagnosed with EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) and hypothyroidism, but I have already reduced my symptoms from these diseases to a large extent.

Finally… I am so grateful that I have found this lifestyle that I now live according to. My life has truly changed for the better and I already have three close colleagues/family members who have similar experiences!!
It’s fantastic!!
Life is great… and I FINALLY FEEL LIKE I’M ALIVE!!

There is so much more to say but I need to stop here…

Kind regards,
Gerda Nilsson, 37 years old (soon a family physician).


What a fantastic story Gerda, thank you for sharing. And it is great to hear that you got your family on board on this lifestyle change.

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  1. KAREN
    thank you for your story. I was wondering if I could sustain this way of eating for the rest of my life and after reading your story Im convince I can. I have been KETO for 7 months now and feel great!
  2. Pierre
    All symptoms gone are mainly due of wheat elimination of the diet.

    LCHF diet goal is to get rid of excess fat without starving or doing a lot of exercises or both.

  3. gbl
    Allow me to put in a plug for exercise while dieting, of any regimen. It makes you just plain feel good while and a long time after, lifts your mood, solves world problems (sic) causes great flights of resolve, determination and imagination, adds to a feeling of control over your life. It strengthens your muscles and heart, puts a glow on your face, and gives you a community if you choose your gym well.

    I work out to my highest heart rate (calculated on age) three times a week, treadmill and some 'machines'. I wouldn't miss it for the world, and the times I least want to go are the times I know I most need it.

    I am low-carbing, about 100 gr a day so not so low as this successful low-carber did. I eat no flour product and no sugar, the latter as much as possible. Yogurt has some sugar. Fruit even in moderation has some sugar.

    What I would like to see is some guidance for low carbers to avoid falling back once they have achieved their desired "numbers" and weight. Obviously, that segment is needed. How to cope in the real world, with celebrations and dinner at friends and relatives tables. When you dine out, you can tailor your meal to your desire. They are paid to serve you. I think it's more difficult in someone else's home.

    And probably also, not polite to make demands of you hosts, so we need to know, how to handle this so the succeessful adjustments are made by us.

  4. Ike Gourdine
    Okay, so you’ve repented of your sins and put your trust in Jesus Christ for your salvation. What should you do now?
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  5. Tamarah
    Great story Gerda,, continue passing this information on to your patients,, maybe some day we can turn it all around !!!
  6. Ann

    Okay, so you’ve repented of your sins and put your trust in Jesus Christ for your salvation. What should you do now?

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