New collaboration with Aussie coach and founder of FatForWeightLoss

Diet Doctor is thrilled to announce our newest recipe collaboration with Aaron Day, Aussie native and founder of FatForWeightLoss. Aaron’s philosophy is simple and achievable in today’s world of extreme dieting. His new says it all!


Aaron Day is the founder of FatForWeightLoss, an online platform that helps clients lose weight with a ketogenic diet first, then allows them to reintroduce carbs without gaining weight back. He’s also an accredited nutritional therapist, advanced sports exercise nutritional adviser, and clinical weight loss practitioner.

Aaron named his platform FatForWeightLoss, as a jab at what society thought was making us all fat — fat! Whether you’re following a keto diet or simply a lower carb diet, Aaron believes that using fat in your diet can suppress hunger and help you lose weight and achieve better metabolic health. He has found that his most successful clients also eat adequate protein and use fat or carbohydrates as levers to reach their goals.

Aaron’s philosophy is simple and achievable in today’s world of extreme dieting and the plethora of unhealthy food choices. He believes that consistency wins over any diet. If you adhere to a specific nutritional protocol 80% of the time (26/30 days out of the month, or ten months out of the year), then you’re more likely to have long-term success. This flexibility leaves room for a healthy social life and a healthier family life.

“You don’t have to start out perfect, just try to be 10% better than you were last week! You can apply this to diet, exercise, and food quality until you reach a sustainable level for yourself and your lifestyle. Ask for help and figure out what works for you. The journey to health is different for everyone.”

Check out Aaron’s honest review of our app!

Aaron Day, the Aussie health coach behind FatForWeightloss, paired up with Diet Doctor to launch an IF (16:8) meal plan for weight loss, and give our new app his honest review.

Click on his video to watch his uncensored feedback and learn how to cook one of his exclusive members-only recipes. Is his meal plan right for you? Watch to find out!

Recipes from Aaron Day

Meal plan


Intermittent fasting for weight loss with Aaron Day

Are you ready for the most delicious week of weight loss? Try intermittent fasting with Australian keto recipe developer Aaron Day! Eight new recipes tailored for healthy weight loss will keep you under 12 grams of net carbs and over 85 grams of protein a day on average. If you’d like to add extra protein during eating hours, you can include healthy snacks like cold cuts, cheese, or Greek yogurt with raspberries in your diet. For more healthy snack ideas, check out our list of 21 best high protein snacks.

Full meal plan →


  1. Cassieoz
    Yeh, of course he has to sell his own service so there’s no way the DD approach could be given a total thumbs up.
  2. 1 comment removed
  3. Franca
    If it works who cares. We're all trying to make a buck.
  4. Holly
    I have followed Aaron for a few years now, and he hasn't made me pay for a single thing. I have tried a lot of his recipes, and every one I've tried was really good. Also I feel he not only wants to make a living using his knowledge, but he also wants to help people. He is providing his guidance to help people stay on track and achieve their goals. That is what DietDoctor does, and that is probably why they brought him on board, and I for one am glad they did.
  5. Gretchen
    I've been following Aaron for years. I love his humor and honesty and knowledge. His recopies are very good. Everyone needs to make a living and I am glad DD is supporting his efforts.
  6. Ada
    Initially when I read this, I was upset by the 80/20 advice because some of us—me!—can’t do that any more than I could only smoke cigarettes at a party. For me, reading Gary Taubes’ “The Case for Keto” made me understand why when my friends and I lost weight on South Beach, they could progress to phase three and when I did that, I put the weight back on and felt like crap again. I’ve accepted 100% high-protein keto is what I have to do to stay healthy. But on reflection I also accept there are DD members who will be able to manage something like this so I’m not upset any more. I very much hope, though, that DD will get more aggressive about giving us tools to figure out where we fit and what we can and cannot safely try. For myself, I will try Aaron’s recipes and meal plan but not his 80/20 plan.
  7. Beth
    I agree that not all of us can do 80/20, but i think it is each person's responsibility to figure out what works for us individually. As one who is very sensitive to carbs, I do not know if I will ever reach that point, but it looks like a sensible and sustainable approach. It is certainly better than the SAD diet. Recipes look good and carb count it low.

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