Low carb for doctors: Polite intros to discuss obesity

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How can you discuss obesity with your patients in a respectful manner? Many doctors feel uncomfortable bringing up the topic of weight as they are afraid of being rude. So how should you do it?

In the fifth part of our low carb for doctors series, Dr. Unwin discusses how doctors can talk about obesity to their patients in a respectful way (transcript).

The full course will cover very practical tips for doctors, like how to effectively discuss the low-carb lifestyle with patients, how to handle medications, safety, patient motivation and much more. We’ll keep publishing new parts every week here, together with our full low carb for doctors guide:

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  1. Peter
    To be honest, I would just prefer the Doctor to tell it out loud.

    Just say "Your Fat", "You have XXXXX", or "You are going to die next month". All of this pussy footing around does the medical profession and me no good. Its open to interpretation, does not convey the seriousness of the situation and may not result in me taking the right action.

    If my doctor had bluntly told me five years ago that I was fat, I might have found Diet Doctor a lot sooner. Instead, it took a lot of discomfort and the inability to find big enough trousers to finally result in the light bulb moment

  2. Antonia
    Fat people already are painfully aware of their weight issue and don't need to be shamed by their doctor. I like the respectful approach.

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