Ketogenic diets and resistance training

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How can ketogenic diets together with resistance training massively improve body composition? How can athletes use keto? And why should people care about building muscles?

In this presentation from the 2016 Low Carb USA conference Dr. Jacob Wilson gives you the answer to all these questions. It’s a really interesting talk, especially for all ketogenic nerds out there.

Watch the full presentation above (transcript).

Table of contents

  0:28  Why is this important?
  2:09  A perfect world vs the real world
  4:23  Purpose: Bridging the gap between low carb and science
11:14  Why is keto interesting?
12:59  Keto and fat loss
16:12  Keto and building muscle
24:18  Cyclic vs regular keto
26:37  Keto vs SAD
29:14  Do net or total carbs count?
33:31  The future of keto


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