Jordan Peterson on his carnivore diet on the Joe Rogan Podcast

Best-selling author and psychology Professor Jordan Peterson talks about his low-carb, carnivore diet on the Joe Rogan Podcast. He discusses the health benefits he and his daughter Mikhaila have experienced.

You can listen to the full episode above. The diet discussion starts around 2 hours and 51 minutes:

The Joe Rogan Experience: #1139 Jordan Peterson

Meat and carnivory

  • “If it’s not effortless, then there’s something that needs to be changed”
  • Sinking our teeth into the carnivore diet: what's known, what's not
  • What happens if you eat nothing but bacon for 30 days straight?

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  1. Rick Nah
    I listened to Jordan Peterson on one of his podcasts several months ago when he alluded to his daughter having some kind of a medical problem and that she finally figured it out with diet. I wondered if it was at all similar to the autoimmune issues I was experiencing. The other day when the Joe Rogan podcast was published, I was amazed at how similar some of her symptoms were to mine. Although not anywhere near as intense as hers, they do exist; multiple arthritic joint pain and deterioration, weird skin lesions that dermatologist claims are folliculitis but manifest without direct association to follicles., constantly have a red face sensitive to sunlight. Anyhow, his podcast with Joe Rogan has given me incentive to trial the keto diet again. I had previously given up when I developed a lower bowel infection and constipation. Although Jordan is on a meat only diet, my preference is to only have a reduced carbohydrate diet. It is eyeopening to observe how much of our daily food is heavily weighted with carbohydrates.
  2. Scott
    I feel you may be trying a half-measure with keto instead of meat only.
    Isn’t the idea that the meat only diet may help so many ailments because you stop eating so many different foods? That way you are more likely to exclude whatever you’ve been eating that’s been bothering you.
    A keto diet doesn’t exclude nearly as many foods, and seems like it would therefore be less likely to take away whatever is bothering you, especially since you’ve tried it before and didn’t get the results you wanted.


  3. Kim
    I turned it off at the first F-bomb.

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