The global poster girl for the carnivore lifestyle


Mikhaila and her baby

The carnivorous lifestyle is hot topic in the low-carb world. Some people who haven’t been able to solve all their health issues with a regular keto diet, find that an all-meat diet gives them the results they sought after. And here’s another inspiring zero-carb story.

Mikhaila suffered from multiple crippling physical and psychological health issues since her childhood. After a relative passed away in 2015, she decided to start an LCHF elimination diet, and eventually ended up eating only meat.

And to put it in her own words, the results have been nothing short of amazing:

Foodmed: Mikhaila Peterson: Global poster girl for the carnivore lifestyle


Mikhaila’s site: Don’t eat that

Is it a good idea to eat only meat?

Carnivory – Could you benefit from eating an all-meat diet?

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  1. Abi
    To Eric Mino: having your blood fats measured in active fat burning mode just means your body is accessing stored fatty acids for fuel. Your fat cells have released the hounds! So to speak. That's what keto and fasting is designed to do! It's a good thing! I would have my blood fats measured prior to fat burning but not during because standard trained doctors always doctor-by-number and forget that of course if your body is using released fat, the fat will be very measurable and freaks them out! Then they scare you into taking unnecessary drugs and forcing you to halt your fat loss. When you have no fat being released into the blood stream from the fat cells, of course they will measure as "normal". You've gained back the fat into the fat cells, you are back in fat storage mode, not fat burning.
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  1. Matt Apple
    FYI Mikhaila Peterson is the daughter of Professor Jordan Peterson who has discussed his own health improvements on the Joe Rogan podcast after switching to low carb
  2. Ruth
    Hi Amanda, when will you write about Paleomedicina Hungary?
  3. Ruth
    Matt Apple, Jordan switched to fully carnivore recently:
  4. Eric mino
    Hi ! Was on keto diet for 3 months , felt great lost 30 pounds ,went to get blood work ,my triglycerides were at 3000 cholesterol was on high side had to stop my doctor put me on fenofibrates stop keto i gain all weight back feel terrible but labs came back to normal . go figure!
    Replies: #14, #17
  5. Tommy Carpenter
    My triglycerides dropped from 400 to 180 on keto. Lost 18 lbs in 2 months.
  6. Abi
    To Eric Mino: having your blood fats measured in active fat burning mode just means your body is accessing stored fatty acids for fuel. Your fat cells have released the hounds! So to speak. That's what keto and fasting is designed to do! It's a good thing! I would have my blood fats measured prior to fat burning but not during because standard trained doctors always doctor-by-number and forget that of course if your body is using released fat, the fat will be very measurable and freaks them out! Then they scare you into taking unnecessary drugs and forcing you to halt your fat loss. When you have no fat being released into the blood stream from the fat cells, of course they will measure as "normal". You've gained back the fat into the fat cells, you are back in fat storage mode, not fat burning.
  7. Steve
    Heard of acidosis, well you will eventually in your life if on keto or Carnivory diet. Keto and Carnivory diets will help you loose weight and you will feel strong on it, but many years later you will build up acid waist in your blood and stuff like cancer and inflamatory diseases will start poping up. Worst diet, humans were never designed to sustain on high levels of protien for long periods of time. We've "adapted" to that type of eating, but its not what our body was designed for.
    Replies: #18, #24, #29
  8. Maggie
    Hello Amanda...
    FoodMet Net which is the link above...spammed me from their website asking me to join their Carnivore Diet and web site a LCHF as promoted by Diet Doctor and Professor Tim Knoakes..I am not at all interested in a Carnivore Diet..I read the report and I was concerned by the extremeness of the eating plan....and how this lady is stating she is going to take all dairy out of her babies life at 12 months old.....I also do not see the relevance of having a Carnivore Diet posted on Diet Doctor...on Diet Doctor we are asked to eat meat in moderation and NOT consume large amounts. The diets are two different diets ...and posting about Carnivore Diets on here is absolutely confusing to us readers and members. Sadly if Diet Doctor continues promoting the extreme diets like the Carnivore Diet, I will have to look else where for Inspiration and cease my membership...which would be a shame, but I do not agree with extreme diets at all
    Many thanks
    Have a nice day xx
    Reply: #19
  9. Eric
    Keto is not a high protein diet. You may still feel comfortable with your assertion, but that doesn't make it fact. I haven't seen any scientific studies that denote the increased likelihood of cancer, although it seems like everything causes cancer nowadays when you read the internet.

    Please post the study.

    In all likelihood, someone with a lot of weight to lose would be more susceptible to health issues if they don't lose the weight than if they lose it in keto, don't you think?

  10. Susan
    And what's the easiest way we cull an overpopulated world? We let them eat meat. Heart disease is #1 killer in the world. Meat based keto will put you on the fast track to get there too. Curious why no one ever promotes plant based keto myself. Most especially since our bodies are physiologically designed to eat plants - its not rocket science!
    Reply: #20
  11. RT
    Sure, we are, as it were, “designed” to eat plants. But not to be pure herbivores (if that’s what you mean).

    If in fact we are less “designed” to consume meat than plants, then why would there be hydrochloric acid in our bodies that completely dissolves the meat we consume? Why would human cultures literally everywhere over the course of human existence (including those with no mutual contact) attempt to find and consume animals? Why would meat consumption by humans go back at least 1.5 million years, i.e. from a period up to the present in which we were evolving?

    And the assertion that meat consumption causes heart disease is pretty much debunked, in the sense that the evidence was never strong to begin with. Can anyone point to a randomized controlled trial with conclusive, irrefutable evidence of a direct causal link between meat and heart disease? Common claims involve pointing to population studies which cannot determine causality, e.g. “Inuit people eat lots of meat plus have a high level of heart disease, therefore the meat caused the heart disease.” This simply presumes a causal effect while ignoring other confounding factors, such as the fact that the Inuit have the highest rate of cigarette smoking in Canada. Heart disease became more common millennia after meat consumption was a common part of cultures around the globe, so presumably heart disease would have been the “#1” killer long before the industrial revolution if meat per se caused heart disease.

    As an anecdotal point, LCHF blogger Tommy Runesson has been eating a meat-based diet with about 70% of calories from fat since 2010 and his blood work turned out perfect each year up to 2016. So how long is it supposed to take for the heart disease warning signs to show up?
    (In 2017 he was told he didn’t need to be checked anymore because of his previously good results, so the last check was in 2016.)

    Here is an article providing more detailed insight into the issue of whether we are “designed” to eat meat.

    “Does Meat Rot In Your Colon? No. What Does? Beans, Grains, and Vegetables!”

  12. Maggie
    I have had to delete my posts and leave your face book page..I was called a troll and to add to that I was not a good example of being a LCHF diet...the assertion was that looking at my profile picture was that I was fat..I have lost over 10 kg and I am thrilled with my blood results which have taken me from being suffering from metabolic syndrome to being cured
    my posts are moderate and thoughtful as I am
    I was bullied by people who are not paying members of Diet Doctor to leave the Diet Doctor Face book
    Because I questioned this idea of Carnivore only and taking a baby off all Dairy ...which as a mother and grandmother if a baby is not allergic is so wrong...because babies need dairy to build bones and teeth ...maybe you need to have people on Face Book to monitor what is going fanatics are on there

    I am a very upset member and believer of a LCHF diet for a healthy person
    But I do not need abuse and to be told I am a troll from Face Book members who have never met me ..I am just an ordibpnary person teyingnhard to live a LCHF diet to better my health
    I did not need this abuse from Face Book

    Have a wonderful day xxx

    Replies: #21, #22
  13. Maggie
    Can I just add to my post ...that I felt absolutely bullied on Face book and none of us join to be bullied!
    Bless you all
    As I hate bullies
  14. Candy
    Eric Mino, you need to 1) fire your doctor and 2) visit and learn how little cholesterol numbers really mean.
  15. erika
    I think its great that this site posts articles showing how badly carbs can effect our health.....some, far more extreme then other, such as in Makayla's case. Look at how her health has improved after removing carbs! I do not feel the need personally, to go 100% carnivore, but i do understand when some people do have to.

    Diet Doctor, i appreciate articles such as this one that you definitely makes a point of lowering carbs, especially eliminating gluten from our diets. Thank you for enlightening us.

  16. Eric
    A meat-only diet is not sustainable and it has never cured anyone of anything. It's total pseudo-science. This poor girl is working with the placebo effect and that's all. Unfortunately, placebo can only do so much. It's just a matter of time before her health deteriorates from this extreme way of eating.
    Reply: #23
  17. Andre
    Eric Mino,

    You can have a look at this site. This will give you a better understanding why your Cholesterol was high.

    There is also a video of Him ( Dave Feldman) on the subject

    Don't give up. Make more research and you will find the solution

  18. Andre

    Do you have any official study or specific experience to backup your comments on acidosis?
    For your information, just watch this interview with a doctor that is T1 diabetes and went on Keto diet 15 years ago.
    Before the keto diet, he was admitted to the hospital twice a year for AKA. Since he went on Keto diet, he never had another incident of AKA.


  19. Andre

    I do not agree that Dietdoctor should limit their information only to LCHF. I personally appreciate to hear about other forms of LCHF diet like the Mediterranean diet, The Paleo diet, The south beach diet, the Zero carb diet and the carnivore diet. That information help me understand better the options available for me and help me decide what is the best approach to achieve my goals and fit with my lifestyle.

    This does not imply that you have to adopt or agree with these approach; but just to be aware that there are other way to do the LCHF diet and that other people have been successful using them.

  20. Andre

    There is a lot of controversy on the effect of meat on cardiovascular diseases.
    The LCHF diet and Keto diet are not high meat diet.
    You can eat, beef, pork, lamb but also eat all fish and poultry.
    There is also the vegetarian LCHF diet (just check the meal plans section)
    The LCHF diet is simply around few important principles
    1- Stay away of transformed products
    2- Eat real food (organic and Bio if you can afford the premium)
    3- Reduce the net carbohydrate intake (Fiber os OK)
    4- Keep a reasonable or normal portion of protein
    5- Increase the fat portion in order to stay satiated.

    If you are concerned about the potential effect of meat on your health; it is perfectly ok to just eat something else. However, many are eating LCHF diet with meat and have substantially improve their health. Do not demonized them

  21. Andre

    I am very sorry for the comments you got on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook is getting a polarized world where people can't anymore make their comments without being demonized. For this reason, I am not anymore having an account on Facebook. Maybe you should consider doing the same.

    Good luck

  22. Andre

    Just about your comment on the need for babies to have milk. You should probably consider two things:

    1- Babies would certainly benefits from being fed from brest milk
    2- Many civilisations (China being the best example) never fed babies with milk until recently or since the western world told them this is how they should consider to feed their babies.

    Should we learn from these civilizations?

  23. Andre

    Just have a look on this site:

    She has been on a Zero carb lifestyle for more than 13 years and had 3 babies during that period.
    Hard to say that is is not sustainable.

    Do you have any study or specific experience to backup your comments?

  24. Linda
    I believe acidosis is caused largely by sugar. Also, Why has no-one mentioned sugar turns to fat, not meat? Low fat meats and healthy fats are are a large part of diabetic and heart healthy diets when eaten with plenty of vegetables. Meet and vegetables are healthier than flour and sugar. People listen to doctors that have negative opinions of the keyto diet, then turn around and eat sweets. I'm sure the doctor would not advise them to eat sweets either.
  25. Wayne
    Linda. Forget the lean meat. Feed that to your dog or cat. Ear as much fat as possible. The Inuit didnt eat a lot of meat. They ate a lot of fat.
  26. 2 comments removed
  27. Sue
    Jordan Peterson does eat greens with his carnivore diet according to one of his many interviews on the subject. Though apparently this is usually not encouraged. Maybe it balances the nutritional intake? It sounds more acceptable and agreeable. It is great that he and his daughter are no longer suffering due to this diet. Sue
    Reply: #31
  28. Azz Whole
    That is the biggest load of bullshit I have read in a long time. You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about.
  29. 1 comment removed
  30. C
    No he does not, not anymore. Furthermore, eliminating the greens made a huge difference in his health. Anyone interested may watch his full interview with joe rogan on his carnivore diet and how it changed his life, losing weight, having more energy, being able to wake up in the mornings, and alleviating several health symptoms unexpectedly, such as snoring, even before he lost the weight, eye floaters, severe nearly lifelong depression, gone, which, I believe did not come untill the elimination of the greens. There are substances in plants that can cause health issues for people, some may be more sensitive to them. Plants containing high amounts of
    Salicylates, for example and the nightshade catigory of plants can be problematic for some people.
    Michaela mentions having a reaction to simply adding pepper to her food. Many of us ingest so many different foods and chemicals it would be difficult to deduce what exactly might be causing some of our often multiple health issues. It took this woman at least a year of experimenting to learn what she has, by eliminating some things, then some more, and so on. Easiest way to quick result would be start where they end, beef and water, and, maybe salt, and add things back in, one at a time, giving ample time to experience any potential reaction. Peterson, (Jordan) mentions that reactions could occur, in his experience, up to 4 days after eating something, and could last a month.
    Anyway, so glad for Diet Doctor sharing information like this. I'm sure it will help many people who might still struggle even with a traditional keto diet plan. Carnivore is keto, but keto is not carnivore. It is high fat if you eat fatty meat or add fat.
  31. Tamarah
    Great post ! Amazing that you were able to save your own life,, no help from the medical field .
    Scarlet is so lucky to never have to deal with all their lies .
  32. Mike G.
    If we were "designed" to be vegetarians, we'd have more than one stomach and we'd be chewing our cud. Our eyes would be on the sides of our head. Face it, humans are predators / hunters. Predators eat meat, it's where we are in the food chain. Since I went keto I've lost 30 pounds in about five weeks. The last two weeks have been totally carnivore. I no longer have any cravings for sugar. I eat once or twice a day, and only when I feel hungry. My energy level is up. I am a disabled veteran, so being on a fixed income, I eat lots of eggs and cheaper cuts of beef and pork. I usually joke that I'm a secondary vegetarian. When asked "what's that?" I reply "I only eat animals that were vegetarian"

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