Carnivory: Meet the people who eat pounds of steak per day


Can you survive – and even thrive – on a diet of juicy steaks only? That appears to be the case, at least if you take the exploding number of carnivore dieters into consideration.

One of the front figures of the diet, Dr. Shawn Baker, previously followed a traditional keto diet and ate things like lettuce, dairy and nuts. But he claims that ditching all plant foods has been even more beneficial for his health and athletic performance.

So should you give the zero-carb diet a try? Read this article from The Guardian and decide for yourself:

The Guardian: They mock vegans and eat 4lb of steak a day: meet ‘carnivore dieters’



The global poster girl for the carnivore lifestyle

Is it a good idea to eat only meat?

Carnivory – Could you benefit from eating an all-meat diet?


  1. Anthony
    Since I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, I figured what better diet to go on than zero carb (carnivore diet)? While my A1C did drop and I didn't feel the need to eat more than once a day, there were definite down sides. Firstly, the diarrhea, I had diarrhea so long I now know how to spell it. Secondly, my 3 month follow up revealed that my triglycerides had skyrocketed to 890! Anything over 400 and Drs are unable to get a reading on your LDL. While eating lbs of steak a day seems like a dream come true, the diet ultimately, was not for me.
  2. Chrissy
    I could never afford to eat 4lbs (2kg) of good quality steak a week, let alone a day! about $50 minimum here! Also I think this extreme lifestyle is very unhealthy. We were all born with teeth for consuming meats and plants. Man is by evolution an omnivore NOT a carnivore or a vegetarian! The evils are highly refined carbohydrates and sugars in excessive amounts over long periods of time! Foods we were never designed to eat.

    It saddens me that the low carb/ paleo community seem fixated on ketosis to the point of it being a cult status! Eat real, natural foods and fats is a much healthier message in my opinion as far as good health goes. Dr Aseem Malhotra tries hard to get this message across as does Professor Robert Lustig. For what it's worth I'm siding with those guys and also looking at bringing a decent level of autophagy about by periodic 3-5 day fasts. Not there yet but hope to be soon. Best wishes to you all.

  3. Chrissy
    Just a final note. Excessive amounts of protein increases insulin responses and stimulates mTOR pathway (mechanistic target of rapamycin). Check with Dr Ron Rosedale. Can also lead to kidney failure (not a good move!). Dr Jason Fung is a nephrologist..ask him!! This is a very good way to die younger than you might otherwise if you are 30+.. Under 30 maybe not as big a problem but even the "original' Atkins diet only denied vegetables for the two week induction phase and encouraged natural saturated fat consuption BUT it was never intended to be a 'lifestyle'. Even Dr Stephen Phinney agrees that 50 grams of carbs is still within the ketosis range.

    Finally, a link that touches on the issue (just). I think you need to pay for the full article or that.

  4. Chrissy
    Sorry to post yet again on this topic but I just found the full free article on mTor pathway:

  5. Lucy
    That is one thing I like about the Ketosis Diet. It is high fat moderate protein and low Carb. If I ate nothing but Protein I think I might get diarrhea also. The Diet is balanced, you get vegetables. I have been on the Diet since 1/2/2018 and I have lost 38lbs. I could not do that on any other diet. I had to lose the weight for I am going into surgery on 7/2 the more I lose the safer the surgery and better recovery. My kids love the recipes and they add a few little things to their meals But we eat pork, fish, beef and chicken. We love it.
  6. Annon
    I struggle with wanting to keep the carbs low but I need to strike a balance. Steak, hamburg can be expensive, but it's easier for me to swallow compared to white chicken meat and pork. However, must not be over cooked due to carcinogen concerns. Cook at a medium heat with bacon fat, Guacamole oil, lard or coconut oil.

    As a diabetic one also must be very aware of CV concerns. Hence one needs to promote Vein Health, if you will. There isn't much information on this website about Vein Health. Food which have anti-inflamatory properties. Perhaps dietdoctor could recommend products- foods/ focus on such ideas as avoiding products high Omega 6 ratio to Omega 3 (which appears in Mayonnaise), no gluten. Also, with regard to nuts, Walnuts and Pistachios top the chart for healthier vein health perhaps look at veggies with vitamin K (Kale greens).

  7. Kelilah bat Chava
    God created the human body and he tells you what to eat in order to have a healthy and long life. Anything that goes against HIS Dietary Laws is asking for trouble. He Said, If you will obey me I will not bring upon you the disease and plagues I brought upon Egypt. I encourages all to listen to God if you want to be healthy, happy and live a long life free of the pain and suffering of diseases.
  8. Jessica
    I do believe this carnivore diet is the optimal human diet. Adherence is tough due to psychological conditioning to eat plants, and the addictive nature of many plant derived substances. I say more power to the meat eaters! All this talk of mTOR, fasting, microbiome, etc. is just speculation and hypothetical. You'll never know what it does to you unless you try it.
  9. Don
    I tend to disagree with just eating steak. Organ meats are more nutritious.
  10. Kelilah bat Chava
    IF THEY ARE EATING POUNDS OF MEAT THEY ARE NOT GETTING ENERGY FROM KETOSIS THEY ARE GETTING ENERGY FROM PROTEIN NOT FAT. You people are teaching lies and destroying the health of millions who innocently think you are doctors.
  11. Terri
    Kelilah bat Chava: They are getting plenty of fat with their steak and many cook it in fat or add butter on top. Besides, this article is discussing those who are full on carnivores; zero carbs, while the ketogenic diet allow about 20g carbs per day. The extra meat would mean extra fat, as well. Also, you have no right to shove your religious beliefs down anyone's throats, nor do you have any right to call Dr. Einfeldt and others liars who are "destroying the health of millions." They are merely telling people about studies and case histories so that people can make up their OWN minds. If you aren't interested in what is discussed here, you can go and find another site.
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  13. Kerstin
    I just thought the comment from the Cleveland Heart clinic was interesting - that this was as bad as saturated fat and high cholesterol...
  14. Gwyn
    I agree Kerstin. As soon as I read those words (as bad as saturated fat and high cholesterol) any credibility of the article was gone. I'm trying carnivore for a month. I'll make up my own mind and not rely totally on anyone else. We are all so different when it comes to dietary needs. No such thing as one size fits all. Forward with the n=1 experiment.
  15. Amanda
    You know the interesting thing here for people that say we are omnivore and should be eating vegetables (or some level of vegetables)..

    Our entire enzymatic structure does not dictate we eat vegetables at all. We have enzymes for digesting saturated fat, cholesterol, muscle tissue, connective tissue, sugar, and starch. There are no enzymes for fiber (which is where the nutrients are locked up behind vegetables).

    To say we have teeth that chew up vegetables (so we should eat them) is no different than saying we have teeth that can grind up dirt so we should be eating that too. Vegetables also don't taste good at all and arent palatable unless they are laced in some sort of fatty, sugary, or vinegar based sauce. Not only that you absolutely have to have saturated fat with something to digest it (if it's not sugar). People need to listen to their taste buds.

    The actual proper diet is nearly all meat based with bits of fruit here and there and starch coming in the form of potatoes (or rice). Imagine you were stuck out in nature 24/7 365 days a year.. what would you be eating? It wouldn't be plants. You'd be b-lining to get meat and scavenging for fruit whenever you could get a hold of it (which is rarely), and also getting a hold of some starch if you could grow it.

    All people need to do is listen to their taste buds and follow them as you'd find the food sources in nature. This is not to say "well sugar tastes good so all sugar is good for you then" No, because you don't find finely granulated or processed sugar in nature, you find sugar in the form of fruit.

  16. Barbara Talbert
    Because chitin is now ubiquitous in the plant kingdom of food due to being part of pesticides and drying off agents for grains and nuts, we are ingesting far too much of it. Some people are allergic to it. Others have it messing with their digestion. We are not meant to ingest it. Therefore I can see a secondhand ingestion of protein might might have less of chitin and help people who are sensitive to it.
  17. Mrs K
    There's a lot of misinformation here! The people eating massive amounts of steak etc tend to work out a lot, or are actual athletes.
    I've been "carnivore" since August. I feel great and only eat up to 300g meat for dinner (usually less) and some fish, bacon&eggs, or a cheese omelette for lunch. (Needless to say I don't do any body building.) I found myself on the "carnivore diet" quite naturally after being keto for a couple of months. I just stopped bothering with the veggies. I didn't know it was a "way of eating" till I saw it mentioned on this site. It just means consuming no food of plant origin. Basically it's a moderate-protein high-fat diet, like keto but easier - and cheaper - for me!
    There are lots of people who have had several health problems who recovered through stopping eating plants. Like the cholesterol con, we have been told a lot of lies about meat-eating. Suggest you look up Dr Georgia Ede for more info.

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