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Before and after

Wow, what an impressive change. Jason just sent us his third success-story update. Last time he wrote he hade lost a total of 80 pounds in 6 months on low-carb, and now he has lost a total of 90 pounds in 9 months! Quite a transformation indeed.

Here’s his email:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

This will be my final update as my weight has stabilized at 175 pounds (79 kg) no matter how much I eat, so I’ve reached my initial goal when I started this journey.

I was toying with the idea of trying to get to 165 pounds (75 kg) but I feel I’m lean enough and doing a 2-week water fast to get there would really just be unnecessary pain and as you know being sub 10% bodyfat isn’t exactly healthy for a male’s hormone profile anyway.

If people would like to know more about what I did they can get my guide at:

Again thanks for all of the free information on the dietdoctor website, it was invaluable to me in this process!

All the Best,

PS: I found another before picture that I took about a week before the first before pic, this one may show more clearly how rough of a shape I was in, and my results with LCHF.


Congratulations, Jason! What an amazing transformation!

Try it yourself

If you want to support Jason for writing down exactly how he did it, his best tips and tricks, his simple recipes and brief training regimen you can buy his three page guide for $5 dollars via his link above (everything goes to Jason of course). You can also read some about it in his first and second emailed updates.

Alternatively you can use our free resources here at Diet Doctor – like signing up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge.


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  1. Vivien
    Some serious backlash on Facebook with this article. Is this really what you want to promote people selling their stories????? You give this guy the info for free and then help him earn money promoting what you are giving for free. I don't think the staff had a close enough look at this before they posted it.
    Replies: #3, #5
  2. 1 comment removed
  3. Robert
    I agree with Vivien. Someone on dietdoctor's team should really look into it !!
  4. Jason
    Robert and Vivien, there’s plenty of free information that Andreas shares on this website so nobody “needs” to buy my guide. I just created the option because I took the time to compile exactly what I eat and how I exercise, and I take offense that my knowledge, experience and time to put it together is worthless.
    I’m not forcing anyone to buy anything and it’d be like complaining to the clerk at Barnes & Noble that the book they bring up to the cash and want to buy isn’t free.
  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I think taking the time to write down exactly how you did something like this, including recipes and trainings schedule etc, can be OK to charge $5 for, like Jason does. Free would be even nicer, but that is Jason's decision, not mine.

    If you don't want his guide we have free similar resources here.

  6. K
    If I could help someone get better health and lose weight, Id share my story for free.
  7. Sandie
    Jason, congrats on your fantastic accomplishment AND your efforts in compiling a guide as to how you achieved it. It will no doubt be invaluable to many who need a step-by-step blueprint. You should be paid: I'm paid for my work, expertise, and successes AND you should be too. I will be passing your website to others.
  8. Webber
    Want to pay, but PayPal fail in China.
  9. Goldie
    I certainly won't be buying the book. Everyone else shares their advice for free even those who have lost more weight than this guy. It's just a way of making cash, why not just go on youtube to promote it?
  10. Tony
    On a slightly different note, I agree with the cutoff weight. According to all the health charts I checked, for my body structure and height, I should be a maximum of 72kg. While doing work a few years back that required driving 200km a night and intermittently walking at high speed for 10-12km a night, I dropped to 75kg. My ribs were sticking out, so I don't know what I would have looked like at the recommended maximum weight. Go to your comfortable weight.
  11. Angus
    Lost the weight, but the greed is still there!
    Reply: #20
  12. Julie
    Jason I just went to fiverr and bought your guide and am very glad I did. And I never thought twice about spending $5 for it. In fact I thought that was a smart idea. For those that haven't bought it, I can vouch that there isn't anything in there that is earth shattering. You can find all you need to know for free on this site or others. No one thinks twice to pay an author for their work if you buy a book. Making money doesn't make a person greedy. We all need to make money to pay our bills. Jason may make enough to pay his electric bill this month. Good for him. Thank you Jason for your example and the guide. You have my respect.
  13. Carolyn Brack-Jackson
    I'm so happy for you, Jason! You have inspired me and I'm certain many others!
  14. sam
    Why is it a problem if he is selling is diet and excercise method. It's his bussiness! If you don't like it, don't buy it. Well done Jason.
  15. Sean
    More power to you Jason. Congrats on the weight loss, you look great. I think your guide is a great idea for those that really just need someone to lead them down the right path. Haters are gonna hate, 5$ is definitely worth it to those that need it.
  16. Chris Eaton
    Jason, I am inspired. Have been wrestling with Gastric sleeve solution and just doing the diet and the more I find out...I like the idea of avoiding surgery and keeping my body intact. Hey, if folks out there can do it. So can I. Just say no to Carbs (it's a drug for me) and yes to healthier eating....forever!!!!
  17. Patricia
    Thanks Jason. As I was scrolling through the before and after pictures I began thinking how nice it would be if someone had a step by step plan how they did it. Then I got my answer. I thought $5 was too good to be true. So I purchased your way of losing it.
  18. David
    well done, Jason! I have set myself a similar goal to lose 75 lbs in 8 months so I am quite interested in how you did it, with the understanding that we are all different.
  19. Phil Buchanon
    Monetizing success stories isn't cool. Makes everything you wrote moot for a lot of people because you're getting paid. You can't be honest and say you wouldn't be disappointed when what you thought was a reputable site has been infiltrated by people trying to make a dolla. A put off for sure!
  20. Phil Buchanon

    Lost the weight, but the greed is still there!

    It's bordering cruel. Like me going to a cancer forum where people help each other try to heal, for free, and then you see an amazing picture of a forum member's baseball-sized tumor shrunk to size of a pea and you feel a smattering of hope and click "read more" and he asks for money. You feel duped that you were HAD by an AD!

  21. paul
    I'm fine with Jason charging for his tips, as he says, time is not free. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that this article is basically just a link to his Fivver page. If there was at least an excerpt or some sort of content / resource worth reading in this page without going to that link, it would be better.
  22. jesse
    what did you eat and what did you cut out
  23. jesse
    hi jason what low carb breakfast did you have
  24. Tim
    Not everything in life is free people. What Jason has accomplished is amazing and I HOPE that I can be as disciplined as him and lose weight on this diet. If he wants to charge a nominal fee to learn his tips for success, he has every right to. If you don't want to pay, then move on. There are plenty of free inspiration stories to find online. Don't take the time to cyber bully and make him feel bad for wanting to make a little money for taking the time to share his expertise and proven tips for people to duplicate his success. Is spending $5 not worth losing 60 lbs? Good for you Jason. Shame on you trolls who take the time to post negative comments. You should be commending him.
  25. Viki
    Has anyone heard back from Jason. I found his story very inspiring and wonder whether he was able to sustain the weight loss in the longterm (since he posted this article). That would help me feel reassured about the long term prospects of going on this diet.

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