How did keto become a mainstream movement?

Keto diet history

Here’s an interesting weekend read:

Men’s Health: Inside the rise of keto: How an extreme diet went mainstream

What’s the subtitle? “Meet the bodybuilders, biohackers, scientists, doctors, and hucksters behind the buzziest thing in nutrition.” Indeed. For a peppy rundown of how keto went from an obscure therapeutic diet for children suffering from epilepsy to the number one diet googled last year, take a look at this feature article in Men’s Health.

You’ll hear about the role of keto-famous and just-plain-famous names: Atkins, Attia, D’Agostino, Farriss, Phinney, Rogan and… wait for it… Oprah.

Although you will definitely find some skeptical remarks sprinkled throughout the narrative, this mostly-balanced article provides an intriguing window into the mechanics of how and why keto has flourished online.

But the author downplays the underlying reason behind all of the viral interest: results. Check out our hundreds of success stories or our summary of the pertinent science for more inspiration.


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