How did keto become a mainstream movement?

Keto diet history

Here’s an interesting weekend read:

Men’s Health: Inside the rise of keto: How an extreme diet went mainstream

What’s the subtitle? “Meet the bodybuilders, biohackers, scientists, doctors, and hucksters behind the buzziest thing in nutrition.” Indeed. For a peppy rundown of how keto went from an obscure therapeutic diet for children suffering from epilepsy to the number one diet googled last year, take a look at this feature article in Men’s Health.

You’ll hear about the role of keto-famous and just-plain-famous names: Atkins, Attia, D’Agostino, Farriss, Phinney, Rogan and… wait for it… Oprah.

Although you will definitely find some skeptical remarks sprinkled throughout the narrative, this mostly-balanced article provides an intriguing window into the mechanics of how and why keto has flourished online.

But the author downplays the underlying reason behind all of the viral interest: results. Check out our hundreds of success stories or our summary of the pertinent science for more inspiration.


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  1. Srewolf
    Wow, interesting publicity for DietDoctor: Due to "competition from rival weight-loss service Diet Doctor, which is a proponent of keto" an analyst at JP Morgan has downgraded its evaluation of Weight Watchers, causing the stock price to plunge, and investors (such as Oprah Winfrey) to suffer significant losses. The stock has lost 80% since its peak last July!

    CEO "Grossman stressed that WW is not going to change its strategy just because there is a new diet plan that's popular. Everybody on the diet side looks for the quick fix. We've been through this before and we know that we are the program that works," Grossman said.


  2. Rajeev Samuel
    Don't forget to "comment on articles" and pay it forward and to seek out the anti-fat or "confusion" propaganda on the internet and correct it

    example: fat make you fat
    calories in = calories out
    we don't know what causes weight gain
    and so on and so forth

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