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Together we’re about to empower more and more people. The Diet Doctor site keeps growing rapidly and breaking records. A major Google update ten days ago saw our traffic surge even more, as we hit #1 worldwide on more of the top keto and low-carb keywords.

We now regularly see over 300,000 visits per day, with the daily record so far being over 326,000 (update: in fact we had yet another record yesterday at 333,000). The graph above shows the growth of our daily visitor numbers from the launch of seven years ago.

Note that the numbers above are just for this English site, our Spanish and Swedish Diet Doctor sites are also growing rapidly, resulting in more than 350,000 total visits on most days. This makes Diet Doctor by far the largest low-carb or keto website in the world.

A huge thank you to all our readers and members for your support. Clearly none of this would be possible without you. Your support allows us to fund a team of about 40 people while staying completely free of ads, products or industry money.

These are exciting times and we’re looking forward to what the future holds. One thing is certain. We’ll always keep working on our purpose: Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health. And our main focus is still to make low carb and keto simple.

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  1. Karl
    Thank YOU so much DietDoctor! I really do enjoy seeing my membership fee deducted every month from my bank account. Even though I have binged on every delicious and informative low-carb morsel you serve up, sometimes multiple times, I also know that this site and my small contribution to it, helps many others that are as in need of the desperate solutions as I once sought. So, even if I knew everything there was to know about type 2, low-carb and keto, I still consider it an honor to support the mission of
    Note I am 62, type 2 , was A1C13.6 when diagnosed, down to 1,000mg metformin x 2 day but down from insulin and janunvia (sp) and those type of drugs. So once again thank you for all you have done and I look forward to seeing continued growth until one day people are saying "why would anyone go to DietDoctor or be obese and what is type 2 diabetes anyway?? I have set my browser homepage to??? you guessed it,
  2. Carol
    Ditto Karl. I don't have diabetes but I was on the way till I found DD!!
  3. Pam
    The Wisdom of Crowds is fueling the Revolution! That is so exciting! I too am glad to be a member!
  4. lisa
    Keep doing what you’re doing! Your recipes are unique in that they only contain real, whole foods, they are simple and for that reason they are the BEST! The fact you are completely funded by us too is something to be proud of. I only have one thing to say: KEEP. IT. UP!
  5. KWOK
    While I congratulate on breaking its traffic records, I have a worry that the server loading and Internet bandwidth will not be able to cope with the high surges. This is particular eminent if we recognize that provides a lot of high quality videos to help us understand our health issues. I just hope that more regular visitors would turn themselves as paid subscribers to help funding its continuous operations. Thanks everybody.
    Reply: #6
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks for the suggestions! We've actually had a few instances a few months ago where suddenly increased loads from thousands and thousands of simultaneous visitors has been challenging to handle. But we've now improved our performance further, and the latest increase has been handled with no issues.

    We'll keep strengthening our servers to be ready for January. It is a bit costly but worth every penny – the site simply has to work fast and flawlessly.

  7. Susan
    Thank you so much for all the great info. I'm helping South Africans through my LCHF Keto Dieët Suid Afrika" facebook group. Sharing all the info of your site. Reversed my Diabetes 2 within 1month, I am so greatful. Thank you.
  8. Virginia
    Your site was recommended by my doctor and after misgivings about giving up so many things I love, I made a decision to keep an open mind and try your two week trial. After 3 days I decided to not call it a diet but a lifestyle change then the next day after reading about sugar addiction, added it as an addiction to recover from (I am a recovering alcoholic 17 years sober and ex smoker 16.5 years).

    I am type 2 diabetic and after 3 months my A1C was 5.5! My weight is down 26 lbs. There are so many health improvements I am amazed!

    I openly talk about this and so many people have commented on how I look. I started at the wrong side of 250 lbs and I now have hope that maybe some day I will be back into a 2 piece bathing suit. A couple friends are trying or thinking of trying and I have given out your site many many times! I am 55 years old and female. I wondered if being post menopausal would be a problem with losing weight but so far so good.

    I do not mind paying the monthly subscription, the site is great not having all those ads!

    Thank you for all you do to help the world be a healthier place!

  9. Isaac
    Really interesting to see the peaks on January with all the new year resolutions :)
    Thanks for keeping up such an informative website, keep it up.
  10. Eric
    This site changed (and saved) my life. Big thanks to Dr. Eenfeldt and the whole staff of DD! I tell everyone I talk to who is interested in improving their health to start the journey at
  11. MARY
    I was probably one of those 333,000 as I recently went to your site. I am in the info gathering stage and really appreciate all the free material. I started the 2 week challenge this week and love the daily encouragement and additional info for each day. I haven't decided to subscribe yet, but as I love your info it will be my next step. and I'm loving the ease and deliciousness of the menu for this week. Thanks so much
  12. Cindy
    Thank you Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt for your dedication to providing this site all improving the lives of others. Many of us would be lost without your passion for it.
  13. Francoise
    A big thank you to the entire Diet Doctor team. I’ve been a supporter for a couple of years and continue to support the ite with much pleasure. I fully support all the kudos you received!
  14. Kathleen
    I also read a lot about the Keto diet before deciding to give up all the unnecessary carbs , I did the 2 week challenge and couldn’t believe the difference it made whilst I didn’t loose on the scales it did make a big difference in the way I felt . I signed up straight away and have been going Keto for a month now , as I’m 60 it is a lot slower for me to loose the weight but I am looking and feeling 100% better in myself and will continue on with this new lifestyle .
  15. Vern
    I found your site February 12, 2017. On February 14 I was off Insulin and glyburide. Two days later I stopped my other medication including Januvet and Coversyl. I have not had any medication since. My A1C has dropped from the mid 7’s to low 6’s. Hopefully under 6.0 at my next blood test in September. I am spreading the word but meet with a lot of naysayers as they chow down on buns and coke’s. Thankfully the people close to me are listening because of my results.
    A loyal member who thanks you for what you are doing.
  16. Susanna
    Thank you for such a wonderful site chock-full of professionally done, attractively presented information. Not only do I love and learn from this site, but I am thrilled that so many people are finally hearing accurate nutrition information!
  17. Julie
    i love the recipes because everything is food i eat anyhow, nothing weird or hard to find in the grocery store. I have purchased almond flour, coconur flour and Swerve on-line and I actually use these. 90 second keto bread so yummy!
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  19. Francoise
    I am so proud to be a DD member. It is my go to site for all reliabl news and yummy recipes. Thank you to all, DD team and everyone using/supporting this website. 💕👍🌺
  20. Wanda
    I joined to support all that you are doing to help others. I will continue my Membership because I believe in the cause. Keep up the good work. I love the new look of the website. You have come a long way. I send everyone I know to

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