“My friends are stunned at my successful and rapid weight loss”


Before and after

Sylvain has quite a story to share. A dietitian recommended him to try the keto diet, and 7.5 months later he couldn’t be happier about the results…

The email

Hello Dr. Andreas,

I just wanted to send you a message to say a BIG Thank You. Your website has helped me shed almost 50 pounds (23 kg) since May 27th 2016.

I am turning 50 in August 2017, and I’m so happy I am feeling healthier, better and look much younger since losing the weight.

I am a purser (Chef de Cabine) with a major Canadian airline for almost 29 years now. With my kind of job, lack of sleep, crossing multiple time zones and completely crazy schedules for trying to eat well.. is quite difficult. Until I found your website.

Before and after

Before and after

On March 20th 2012, at age 44, I had a stent put in my LAD artery which was blocked at upwards of 93%+. A total of four arteries were discovered with blockage ranging from 60% up to 93%. The main culprit was suspected to be over 30 years of smoking.

On THAT day, I quit smoking… forever. Almost five years have passed and smoking is gone from my life for good. I can’t stand the smell or being around smokers.

Another big contributor to my rapid weight gain was the sudden, unexpected passing of my beloved mother on September 16, 2012. Barely six months after my stent procedure. I discovered what “eating your emotions” meant from that point on.

It has been an extremely difficult chapter in my life but I’m glad to say that I’m now on the road to recovery and learning to live with the ever present grief.

So many of my friends, work colleagues and even passengers I talk with and share my weight-loss and feeling-great story, are stunned at my successful and rapid weight loss.

Last May 2016, after getting off a cruise ship, I developed the start of an umbilical hernia. In late 1999 I had a laparoscopic appendectomy. The weakening of the umbilical scar from that surgery due to large weight gain since 2012, is suspected of having cause this start of hernia.

I discovered your website doing a search on the internet for the LCHF diet that the Dietitian at the “Shouldice” Hernia Specialty Private Hospital in Toronto referred me to. I was to have surgery to repair the umbilical hernia. But the specialist there told me that if I lost the weight, I most likely would not need the surgery as the the excess pressure cause by being overweight would allow the scar to heal itself again…. and IT HAS! No surgery needed. ?

I have referred to your website DietDoctor.com hundreds of them. They see how excited and happy, healthy I am and the motivation I have. I speak of it with such enthusiasm that they want to try it. I simply tell them to visit your website with an open mind.

I almost feel like a salesperson for you, but I have nothing to sell except finally finding an honest person, spreading an honest, truthful message about how to lose weight WITHOUT any gimmicks or sales pitch or pills.

Here are some pictures to show you where I was and where I am now with the great help of your website.

Again, a sincere heartfelt Thank You. I feel you have helped me add quality years to my life. ❤️



This is simply an amazing story, Sylvain! We’re very grateful for you sharing it with us – it is an inspiration for us to continue our work.

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  1. Apicius


    Now..if I may ask you for a favour. Can you please send the message to [your airline] and have their lead chef responsible for meals in business class be more LCHF appropriate? I'm a super elite member and need to cope with the carby meals (I.e. Not eat when travelling, or very little to munch on).

    And don't get me started on the "diabetic" meal option. Or the "healthy" option. I saw others ordering it, and it is a carby monstrosity.

    And the business class lounge...geeez...might as well call it carby crappy lounge!!

    Reply: #4
  2. Allisan
    You have been such a wonderful inspiration for me and my continued weight loss. I have tried them all and when I saw you onboard in October, I couldn't believe your transformation. You were such a help to me in finding "my way" to a new life. Forever grateful for your friendship!
  3. MrsZ
    Sylain - thank you for sharing your story. You look, and obviously now feel, amazing. You're an inspiration and if I can achieve in 2017 what you did in 2016, then I'll be a very happy lady indeed.
  4. John
    You are so right.
    On my last flights to the US the food was a horrible carb loaded combination. I did only eat the cheese and butter and took some coffee and water.
    It is high time the airlines change the food to something more healthy.

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