“I’ve been burned in the past and I wanted to do it right and healthy this time”

Before and After

Before and after

David started to gain weight after he quit smoking. He realized that he had to make a lifestyle change, having three young children and another one on the way. This is what happened when he discovered the LCHF diet:

The E-mail

Hey thought I’d share my story since the stories that you guys post is what really motivated me to continue this journey I went on.

I was in the army for 5 years and got out in 2009. While I was in ok shape back then, I still knew I wasn’t in the best shape I could be. This past year I finally quit smoking and was feeling great. But in doing so I started to put on some pounds and hit an all time high for me of 240 pounds (109 kg) and over 30% body fat. With three younger kids and another one on the way I knew I had to start a big lifestyle change. This started with working out more and eating smaller portions. While this did work I felt that I was struggling a lot with little reward.

After doing some research I discovered the LCHF diet which lead me to dietdoctor.com. I read the posts and the success stories. However, I was still skeptical, mostly due to the fact that this wasn’t my first rodeo when it came to diets. I’ve been burned in the past and I wanted to do it right and healthy this time. This lead me into ketosis and how the fat can be used for fuel in the body. I took the 2-week challenge and continued on.

I ended up losing 50 pounds (23 kg) and got down to 16% body fat. I feel healthier and have more energy.

This is a great way to live and I’m glad that I was able to learn so much about my own body while on this journey.

Thanks for the life saving tips!!


We’re so glad to hear that you are so successful with your LCHF diet, David. Way to go!

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  1. Bebe
    Another success story that owes it's thanks to a LCHF lifestyle.
    I think i speak for all of us when i say we are all proud of you and your commitment to a healthier you. ?
  2. John
    Good job David!! And thank you for your service.
  3. Andrew
    Excellent! Very inspiring!

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