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Tobias gained weight in a “steady pace” since he was 25 years old. Then he decided to try low carb

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I’ve been interested in low carb and have followed DietDoctor for a long time. Andreas’ book The Food Revolution truly convinced me a couple of years back. But I never really felt like following the advice alone.

My weight has piled up on me in a steady pace since I was about 25 years old. This year I’ll turn 43. At Christmas time this year the scale showed that I weighed over 100 kg (220 lbs). Suitably, I found the 2-week challenge at DietDoctor around that time and I got my wife to participate together with me. She didn’t need to lose weight but I needed her support, and it has made a great difference in comparison to all my previous attempts trying to stop the weight gain.

Since we did the challenge at DietDoctor for almost precisely half a year ago I’ve lost 16 kg (35 lbs) and it doesn’t seem as though I’ll plateau there, in about six months I believe I will be of “normal weight”. Both my wife and I are feeling better than ever. We will without a doubt continue eating low-carb for the rest of our lives. One tip is to get organic meat in a big package straight from a farm.

Thank you to all you people at DietDoctor, you contribute to a better world!



We’re happy to hear that you’re successful with your LCHF diet Tobias! I hope you’ll reach all your goals.

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