Kristina Wetter


Kristina Wetter is a journalist and author of home and lifestyle publications who has developed her career in the media as a producer and presenter of TV programmes. Thanks to her programme “At Home with Kristina (Kristina en casa)” and her publications in different media outlets, the food-loving Venezuelan took up her place in the homes of Latin American people to share her great passion for cooking. Kristina has edited 12 recipe books along with her husband, Nacho Troconis, who has photographed her creations and designed all of her publications.

Now Kristina joins us at Diet Doctor with her favorite low-carb recipes. Since discovering this way of eating she has adapted many of her best-loved dishes to make them low-carb, and has also been inspired to create brand new recipes too, all in her own special style: recipes that are simple, practical and unpretentious. And now they’re low carb too!

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