“Your 2-week kick start plan worked amazingly”


Over 910,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a keto diet.

Here are new inspirational stories from people who have taken the challenge:


47 year old male from the UK – was really impressed with the recipes, easy to follow and great inspiration to ‘tweak’ them to suit personal tastes.

Lost just over a stone (6 kg, 14 lbs) in the first week, 14 stone 2 lbs (90 kg, 198 lbs) to 13 stone (83 kg, 183 lbs). Did gain a small amount of weight in the middle of week two but lost it again and a couple more pounds by the end of the week. Will carry on trying to stay below 20 g until Christmas or get to 11 stone (70 kg, 154 lbs). Girlfriend lost 7 lbs (3 kg) in the first week 10 stone 7 (67 kg, 148 lbs) to 10 stone (64 kg, 141 lbs) and another couple in week two.

I’d recommend stocking the larder with psyllium husk, almond and coconut flours etc. before starting so you can experiment with the breads as they help make breakfast more sating.

Biggest challenge was fruit and fruit juice and the lack thereof, and keeping the side dishes varied so it’s not always broccoli or cauliflower.

10/10 would recommend and have other colleagues at work following keto or at least thinking about and reducing carb intake.


Keto was and is an excellent program, your 2-week kick start plan worked amazingly, I’ve already recommended you to 3 other people, it alters your mindset & metabolism & intake with regard to eating and not snacking, or if a snack is needed, the right one.

Loved that the dinner from the night before rolled into the next day lunch. The laid out menus, shopping lists – it’s planned, organized and right there to use. Basically this diet is for everyone and anyone that really wants to take off the weight – you are handing us the keys back to our own kingdoms, thank you!


Hello Diet Doctor staff,

The keto challenge was wonderful, not so much a challenge but a joy 😊

I followed the advice on other Dr. Eenfeldt videos on your site where he suggested eating as much of permitted foods to satiety rather than counting macros etc. (which I would find tedious).

I am so pleasantly surprised! I thought I had a sugar addiction. It seems I don’t. On day 2 and ever since I have had ZERO cravings for sweet food. This is remarkable for me. And I have lost 13 lbs (6 kg) in 4 weeks (I did a week of keto before and after the challenge).

Am continuing to eat keto as I love it.

Thank you for your excellent website. It’s so informative.


Your information has been very useful in helping me get off all diabetic medication and lose
several pounds.

Thank you very much. I will spread the message to family and friends.


It was great. Started my journey to a new lifestyle and way of eating. Lost 8 lbs (4 kg) and the meal plans and recipes were easy to follow. You made it easy.


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