Should you worry about your cholesterol on a keto diet?

Are your cholesterol values problematic and something to worry about?

Dave Feltman, who runs the site Cholesterol Code, has made a video where he goes through a standard cholesterol test and what it means on a keto diet:

YouTube: Basics of cholesterol part I – Standard test

Want to know more about potentially elevated cholesterol levels on a keto diet? Check out the links below.


Low-carb side effects: Elevated cholesterol

Did a citizen-scientist crack the cholesterol code?

The demonization and deception in research on saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease



  1. Amit Mallya
    I started Keto about 2.5 weeks ago and did a blood test. Below are my results after the test and having been on keto for 2 weeks.

    HDL - 52; Triglycerides - 110 and LDL - 242

    Now this is significantly different from my results February which are as below:

    HDL - 39; Triglycerides - 192 and LDL - 149

    Should I be worried?

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  2. russell
    Should you be worried?
    I see your HDL ("good" cholesterol) has gone up. :)
    I see your Triglycerides have gone down. :)

    I'd say 2.5 weeks of a complete dietary lifestyle change is probably not long enough to draw any conclusions. Test again in 6 months. Watch the videos linked on this page, especially "Why high cholesterol is healthy"

    Good luck and stick with it!

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