The demonization and deception in research on saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease

Here’s a great talk by Dr. David Diamond about how everything we used to believe about cholesterol, heart disease and saturated fat is based on truly bad science. It’s a funny and enlightening talk by a smart guy, highly recommended.

If you want even more of Dr. Diamond, check out our interview below.


Cholesterol on Low Carb

Video with Dr. Diamond

  • "My doctor urged me to take statins"
  • 200 pounds lost and a health journey for the family
  • Why high cholesterol is healthy



  1. Victor
    Excellent lecture, thank you for posting it.
  2. Jennifer Bowerman
    Fascinating and extremely logical and analytical lecture by Dr. Diamond. Should be compulsory listening for all cardiologists, including the one who put my mother on statins after her first very minor heart attack at the age of 92, and who refused to listen to my questioning of his advice. I finally pulled her off them some six months later. But his arrogance and his refusal to question the conventional practice of prescribing statins, indeed his own lack of curiosity about the subject just blows me away!

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