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At nearly 500 lbs (230 kg) Chuck could barely move at all anymore. He was in pain and felt his life was miserable. It wasn’t until he found a keto diet that thing started to change.

Tune in for this video for a very inspiring success story!


Chuck Hicks:  At 465 pounds I couldn’t move. I couldn’t walk more than a block before my back started burning and I got tired, I had to sit down, I was winded. I was just stuck at home in my recliner, I went to work… And my life was just miserable.

My name is Chuck Hicks, I am a multimedia/IT coordinator. When I started keto right away things started to change. I got more energy, the weight started to come off. I lost 137 pounds now and that’s over a year.

And now I’m just enjoying being able to see the city of San Diego, I could go a couple of miles, walk around and enjoy myself and not have any pain, any problems and I’m just really loving life now.

When your body is adapted to carrying around nearly 500 pounds and you start to drop weight, you start to go, “Wow!” You have all this super energy and you got these strong legs and people would just be surprised at just how fast your body adjusts to keto and just how fast it changes and balances out those hormones, so you’re not wanting those things.

The best way it was described to me, if you walk out and all you can eat is buffet, that feeling you have, you don’t want to eat again. And I’m thinking, “That would be great to feel that way all the time.” I learned a few things though when I started doing keto.

My edema in my legs went away completely, all symptoms of hypoglycemia are gone, Dr. Brian Lenzkes did my blood work and he said I had– and this is later on down the road after a couple of months in, he said, “You have the blood work of a triathlete.” Which really surprises a lot of people.

This picture speaks everything about where I was at. I remember when I took this picture. I wanted to sit down and take it because I couldn’t stand up. The keyword in anything you do is sustainability… Is it sustainable?

Even that one day on my birthday where I went on ice cream and everything else, literally the next day I was able to go right back on keto. You go, “This is a simple pleasure, but it’s not my life, I don’t really need it that much.”

And I’ve been thinking, “Oh, my God, it’s going to be a great day. I get to swim in ice cream and candy and cheesecake or whatever”, but the truth was it didn’t have the effect it had on me, the mental effect it had on me before.

And I’ll tell you, it’s probably the best thing in my life, it’s the way I will probably live the rest of my life.


About the video

Recorded at the Low Carb San Diego in July/August 2018, published in January 2019
Interviewer: Kristie Sullivan
Camera operators: Simon Victor, Giorgos Chloros
Light: Simon Victor, Giorgos Chloros
Sound: Jonatan Victor
Editing: Harianas Dewang

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