Top 5 keto recipes for beginners – Diet Doctor Explores

Everyone needs an easy button … especially a keto-easy button!

Keto success depends on eating nutritious meals even when you feel you don’t have time. Easy recipes that also taste good can put us on the proper path.

It’s true that most of us eat the same things each week. In fact, many of us have five or six go-to recipes for those times when the going gets tough.

Diet Doctor Explores host Kristie Sullivan has her top five favorite keto recipes for beginners.

If you need inspiration for meals you can make fast, easy, and enjoyable, check out Kristie’s Top 5 on the latest episode of Diet Doctor Explores!

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Number 5

Tex Mex Casserole

Craving Mexican on your keto diet? Our easy Tex-Mex casserole gives you your favorite south-of-the-border flavors in one hearty low-carb casserole.

Number 4

Charcuterie platter

This low-carb charcuterie platter is perfect as a simple and festive appetizer. Quick and so easy to make, delicious for entertaining.

Number 3

Keto Cobb Salad

A classic Cobb salad is a guaranteed keto hit. Bacon, eggs, chicken, blue cheese, avocado, crispy lettuce, it packs a protein and flavor punch. Delicious? Yes! And takes almost no time to prepare.

Number 2

Keto Skillet Pizza

Cooking for one or cooking on the run? This recipe uses simple ingredients that are basics in most keto kitchens. So fast, tasty and easy, you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Hardest part? Waiting for the skillet pizza to cool!

Number 1

Jills’s Cheese Crusted omelet

Once you’ve tried this omelet, there’s no turning back. With its irresistible crust and sumptuously rich filling, this cheese-crusted miracle puts traditional omelets to shame. Perfect as a hearty breakfast but also an impressive option for a quick keto lunch or dinner.

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