The 2-week keto challenge: “The diet is giving me back my youth”


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My husband and I have both just completed the low-carb challenge in the last ditch attempt to lose weight before deciding on weight-loss surgery. We are both in our early 40s and have plenty of weight to lose. I have multiple health issues and am super obese with a BMI over 50. My husband doesn’t have as much to lose but we know from past efforts that if we do it together, there is more chance of success.

In the past we have tried many, many different eating plans and programmes, meal replacement shakes, juicing and anything else that we thought might help. I once even spent 14 days at a health retreat eating a restricted diet and exercising 4 hours per day. All I achieved was a great disappointment at my 1.5 kg (3 lbs) loss and lots of blisters from the new shoes. Each time we tried something, we lost a little bit of weight, but were hungry and put the weight back on, and more, when the inevitability of giving up happened.

That has now all changed with the low-carb diet. During our 2-week challenge, my husband lost 6.6 kg (14.5 lbs) and I lost 6.1 kg (13.5 lbs)! An absolutely incredible result and we really haven’t been hungry. This feels like something that we can continue doing and build into our life long term. I didn’t even do any extra exercise! We just stuck to the program as much as possible. Where there was a meal that we knew wouldn’t work for us, like the pork chops, we chose a substitute recipe from the Diet Doctor website. The weight loss, which was a great result, hasn’t even been the best outcome. After four days we found we had more energy, motivation and a willingness to get out of bed and face the day. The increase in energy and zest for life has been even more welcomed than the weight loss.

We have no plans of going back to our old way of eating and look forward to continuing to learn new recipes and continuing to regain our energy and health. I have just now signed up for our membership to the website and look forward to being a great success story at some point in the future.

I would fully recommend that anyone who is looking for a new way of eating give the 2-week challenge a try. There are a couple of tough days at day three-four but if you follow the tips that soon passes and you end up feeling much better than you did before you started the challenge.

Rebecca – Age 43
Western Australia
Starting weight: 139 kg (307 lbs) After the 2-week challenge: 133 kg (293 lbs)


I thought the Diet Doctor keto 2-week challenge was very good. It certainly increased my knowledge of how to plan for truly low-carb meals. I liked the way a supper would transform into a lunch, cutting down prep and cooking time. The mushroom frittata received top marks in our household among the recipes. I also found that I am able to curtail snacking which is a big thing for me. My weight loss journey has been a long one, marked by many attempts to find out why I have such difficulty getting to a healthy weight… but LCHF eating has really opened a door.

The Diet Doctor site has been extremely helpful to me. It was recommended to me by a local physician. I have watched many videos, in particular, the “Sugar addiction” one which has helped me very much. I started reading about and trying to eat LCHF in July of this year, and to date have lost 22 pounds (10 kg). I am excited to keep going and try other meal plans from Diet Doctor.

Thank You,
Charlotte Loggie
Miramichi, New Brunswick

Good morning,

I am 53 years old, live in Manitoba, CA and have been dieting since a teenager. I have tried everything and while I am not overweight due to working out my whole adult life, I have never found a way of eating that allows me to not count calories, enjoy food that fills me and holds me from meal to meal and is easy and enjoyable to follow. This way of eating (I won’t use the word diet here) really scared me at first. I have stayed away from most fat and meat, again, most of my dieting life. I watched my scale every day just waiting to see the pounds creep up. Today is week two and although I have lost a couple of pounds, that wasn’t my concern. Mostly, I wanted something that gave me energy and for once, was enjoyable to follow.

Your site is amazing. I love the recipes and the simplicity of them (starting with the low-carb challenge). I have appreciated all of the information and videos available. The only item or area I would like to see more information on is exercising and weight lifting. I have not found working out easy as I am used to carbs before a 1-2 hour session and on two eggs with 1 oz fat I run out of energy way before I am done. This would be my biggest concern as I don’t want to lose my muscles.

I have recommended this site to family members and look forward to new info added to your site.

Tracy Waldron

My name is Lorna Wheeler and my primary goal is energy and health. I am 75 and I live in Windsor Nova Scotia, Canada. I tried to embrace keto eating by myself in August but with uneven success. Problems included having no internet and a sick and controlling husband so I limped along doing quasi-keto. But I knew I loved keto eating. By the end of August, I knew it was time to reclaim my creative self and I rented a one-bedroom apartment where I could set up an art studio. I moved September 1st, purchased internet and logged onto your site. I picked and poked for a bit before I joined the 2-week challenge. I have loved it. Your site is brilliant. So well organized, so thorough. I love the daily emails, they feel like the warm embrace of my encouraging family.

I watched many testimonials and heard a loud aha from Kristie as she spoke about preparation — a real shortcoming of mine. I also heard, “drink plenty of water” which I heard but did not grasp. Two glasses a day plus my tea with my meals was my idea of plenty of water. As I’ve been dogged by constipation I’ve had to educate myself about the word plenty. I checked online to find that my body weight needs a liter and a half a day. That was four extra cups. I also loved the bouillon even though one of my blood pressure med’s creates edema from extra salt. I knew my body really wanted the salt and I never would have thought of it…and the edema is mild.

And yes, I have been losing weight…not as fast as I might as I have been wallowing in the delight of whipping cream and brie cheese. So I have been eating too much. I will get over that. I always do. My joints are often better. I do have a dairy sensitivity but I take Lactaid pills which look after that. Keto food is delicious and I will continue to eat delicious food. The LCHF diet is giving me back my youth. I love it.

What a fantastic team you’ve gathered around you, Andreas. Thank you all.

Dear Diet Doctor,

I have just completed the two-week challenge and it has changed my life! I am a 55-year-old woman who has struggled from about the age of 20 to lose weight. 35 years of counting calories and fat intake to not lose hardly anything or lose it and immediately put it back on and even more in most cases. I weighed a whopping 109 kg (241 lbs) two weeks ago and only stand 5 foot 3 inches (160 cm)…(morbidly obese).

I lost an amazing 5.2 kg (11 lbs) in just 14 days. I feel healthier than I can ever recall feeling. I am eating real food at long last and not eating between meals, in two weeks I have not eaten anything except my DD meals, not starving and just feeling really good. I admit at the second weigh-in when I realized I had shed 5.2 kg (11 lbs) I sat on my bathroom floor and cried with relief. I have now become a member and look forward to a new me. I actually feel lighter and more alive…If this is what I feel after two weeks, what will I feel like after two months!!!

Thank you so much for your amazing website and especially the free two-week challenge…as a fat person I dread to think how much I have out paid in the last 35 years and to get something that was free to try was amazing

Thank you so much…from a happier and lighter,
Janet Price.

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