The 2-week keto challenge: “Keto is now part of our life”


Over 605,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a keto diet.

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Dear Dr. Eenfeldt & team,

I am a 54-year-old woman, living in the Netherlands. Until May this year I had been eating an LCHF diet for many years. I had moved gradually towards it ever since I read Gary Taubes’ ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ in 2010. I made the dietary changes not to lose weight, but to improve my general health, because I had asthma and chronic fatigue and (untreated) Hashimoto’s. Asthma disappeared (also due to moving to a region of the Netherlands with cleaner air), the fatigue has improved, but not enough.

I am quite limited in my daily energy. So I had a very extensive blood test one of the things I was tested for was whether I had celiac. I had not been eating grains for a very long time, so in order not to get a false negative, I reversed my diet to the ‘standard healthy’ dietary advice. I did not have celiac. But I started gaining weight immediately after returning to bread and oatmeal. I had to eat a lot more to feel satisfied and at times was even really hungry at night. I gained 13 kg in three months. I used to be skinny, so people generally told me it was good I had gained weight, but I didn’t like it a bit. The weight gain did not seem to stop, while before I was at a very very steady 61.5 kg (136 lbs) at 174 cm (5″7). At 74.5 (164 lbs), my waistline had bulged to an unhealthy 90 cm (2″9).

I felt I had lost my way because I kept growing and was not able to just move back to my regular healthy LCHF lifestyle. I was just hungry, craving sweets, bread. The nurse at my GP’s station admonished me for not eating enough because otherwise, I would not have been this hungry at night. I did not agree, because I knew better. But I also felt sorry for all diabetics and obese people in her practice that get the same admonishments for not reaching their health goals. The standard advice is not serving patients.

Never in my life have I followed a diet with menus, shopping lists etc., because I was always able to adjust my cooking to my needs just on the fly, improvising as I shopped and cooked. Not this time. So, being a fan of for many years, I enrolled in the low-carb challenge and started shopping and cooking accordingly. The relief was immense. Not having to improvise or bother about what to eat, just following the menu, was immense. And the food was great. I got out of the rut I was in. Ate with so much pleasure and enjoyed trying out new recipes.

My weight is finally going down (61.5 kg (136 lbs) today) and my waist is now 87. Fasting blood glucose was never bad, but was 4.7 mol/l this morning, which pleased me quite a lot. Very soon after starting, I found that eating just twice a day sufficed to feel completely satisfied. No more cravings. So I made scrambled eggs with onion, mushrooms, and tomato and had the nice meal from the program later in the afternoon. There is a bar of chocolate in my cupboard and I don’t feel any need to take it out. Which would not have been possible for me just a few weeks ago.

Because the menu was so tasty and the ease of just following recipes instead of improvising every day proved so important, I will continue for a while and I will incorporate the recipes in my repertoire. Because I’m not seriously overweight and quite versed in dietary matters myself, I will not subscribe… yet. But I will keep referring people to diet for a healthy and tasty source of good information to change their lives for the better. It sure has changed mine. The importance of a healthy diet should never be underestimated. It’s such a pity that most people only arrive here just to lose weight. Non-overweight people can benefit a lot from a real food LCHF approach.

Thank you!


I am a 53-year-old sedentary female.

The Diet Doctor low-carb challenge was actually easier for me than I thought it would be. I lost 6 lbs (2.5 kg) and 3 inches (7.5 cm) of my “muffin top”! I was never hungry and didn’t crave sweets or even dark chocolate after the first 3 days… and I’m normally a dark chocolate hound! I also was lucky enough NOT to suffer “Keto Flu” at all! I have more energy and I sleep better than I have in about a year.

Thanks, DD!

Hi Dr. Eenfeldt —

The challenge was a great way to shift to a Ketogenic way of eating. I’m recycling it for two more weeks, then I’ll explore your other meal plans, I really like the structure with dinner and lunch the next day being the same thing. I became a member of the website immediately after I got a look at the meal plans. Your movies, blogs, and lectures are wonderful resources. I am 64 years old, my goal is to lose 85 pounds (40 kg), and I live in Cleveland, Ohio.

Thanks for being such a wonderful resource!


Age 62 Calgary Alberta Canada

The suggestion of taking on the 2-week challenge was done as a way of supporting my spouse, who had been thinking of changing to the Keto approach to assist with her weight loss. The statement about the loss of weight, reduce snacking temptation, and improved body image based solely on changing the way you eat seemed to be too good to be true. We strictly followed the 2-week challenge and the results were beyond my expectations: My beginning weight was 199 lbs (90 kg) and wist of 44 inches (112 cm); 2 weeks later I am at 192.4 lbs (87 kg) and waist of 41½ inches (11.5 cm).

The bonus is the temptation for snacking between meals has mainly disappeared; when the snacking demon becomes overwhelming a cup of bouillon does the trick.

The keto approach is now part of our life.


Your website is a revelation and it was recommended to me via the internet three weeks ago. My husband (46y) and I (43y) have both lost 3-4 kg (7-9 lbs) each – he 1.5 inches (4 cm) and I 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) from our waists. I have only just realised three weeks into this way of low-carb high-fat eating, that my morning backache no longer pains me! How did that happen? My digestion is much better too and we have less ‘gas’ shall we say :) Hubby’s beer belly has deflated so much I keep asking him if he’s holding in his stomach, but he says no….and, I believe he is snoring less at night.

My parents come to stay soon for a month.. mum is obese with arthritis and dad has heart disease (a stent from angina) and high blood pressure. I will make them eat their way through this Keto journey (I shall be very careful with their medical issues and take it slow) as I am sure by the end of their stay they will be converted, and hopefully more healthy as a result.

Thanks again for this wonderful website, it is far the best source of info out there!

Steffi from Auckland, NZ

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