The 2-week keto challenge: “It’s changed my life already”


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Here are new inspirational stories from people who’ve taken the challenge:


Hello Diet Doctor,

My name is Kara Knippelberg and I’m 30 years old living with my two girls and husband is beautiful Colorado.

Before ever getting pregnant I was a size 0. An itty, bitty girl weighing in at 110 pounds (50 kilos) soaking wet. Then I had my first kid and gained, then my second and I ended up at a final weight of 166 pounds (75 kilos). I tried diet after diet, and lost some weight but not much. Five pounds (2 kilos) here and there and sometimes gaining it back. And I was skeptical about keto because I LOVE CARBS, bread, pasta and BEER. But when watching an old video of me eight months pregnant with my daughter, and my three-year-old turns to me and says that my belly looks like I’m still pregnant I knew a change needed to happen.

I researched keto because I also deal with seizures and there is a great deal of research that goes hand in hand with epilepsy and keto. So why not, what’s to lose? I tried your two-week diet. I tweaked it a little and started with a two ten carb or under days to kick start my ketosis and then went on your diet plan.

16 days later after making the commitment to do this challenge and I have lost 15 pounds (7 kilos). Almost a pound (0.5 kilos) a day. There is no stopping me now.

Thank you for creating this challenge. My fear was that it would be hard to follow and prepare, but you made it easy and now that I have learned through these two weeks I feel confident to continue.

Thank you, it’s changed my life already.
Kara Knippelberg

Diet Doctor has been a wonderful, and very helpful tool to help me get started.

I am 27 and from North Carolina and just had some extra baby weight I wanted rid of. I lost 7 pounds (3 kilos) in two weeks. And although I didn’t use all of the meals on here, it definitely helped guide me on what I could and couldn’t eat. I found the daily emails really inspiring to help stay on track!


Thanks for hosting this challenge😊

I was already starting intermittent fasting (IF), so I didn’t follow this to the letter, but starting to eat keto made fasting a lot easier, and it did teach me how great this way of eating is. I have basically been hungry for the last eight years of my life, trying to fight (unsuccessfully) the weight gain that has followed after I turned 40.

I am a super active person, and I was eating next to nothing – still the weight piled on, especially around my formerly slim waist. I have tried everything, every diet on this planet, I even had a gastric balloon, that made me lose 5 kilos (11 pounds) (that I have put back on), but otherwise had no effect other than being very unpleasant. The problem has never been me eating too much, it has been eating way too much protein and carbs and too often. I understand this now.

I have only lost a couple of kilos so far – but I DID lose them😊. I only need to lose about 12 kilos (26 pounds), but being an active athlete, that’s is a lot for me, because 12 extra kilos are heavy to carry around. I believe keto and IF will work for me, but that it will not be easy. I am insulin resistant due to my many diets and starving myself for too long. So I will have to be strict keto and go through longer periods of fasting. But with the keto diet I believe I can get there, and the fact that I have really delicious food to look forward to at the end of my fasts, makes them so much more bearable. When your diet regime requires you to peel the skin of your chicken, eat only light products and forego all fat, then food stops being a pleasure – and when you both starve yourself AND don’t lose any weight – that’s when you give up.

I love eating keto, and feel like I have found a key to a better life.

Thanks for your website.

Kind regards,

Thank you!

I am a 56-year-old woman who has been trying to lose 20 pounds-ish (9 kilos) for the last year (and failing miserably!) following a low-fat diet… I followed your two-week plan and I am so happy, I am 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) down but better than that, I feel great. I have loads more energy, I am sleeping better and my mood has lifted. Thank you for helping me on my journey to a better lifestyle, I am sending so much gratitude to the Diet Doctor team.

Kind Regards,


I’m just on week two but I did complete the survey today as I’m really happy with the program. You have made it so easy and I’m very happy with the results thus far. I have shared it with many people!

Thank you,
Gail van der Leek

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