The 2-week keto challenge: “I feel fantastic and in total control”


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I’m just midway through week two, but I’m loving it. Not hungry. The meals are amazing, so yummy. Love the easy menu plan. No great outlays, so the expense is not an issue. Preparing one meal and then enjoying it for lunch is really fantastic. I’m looking forward to continuing after the challenge.

Thank you,

Every email actually read? Wow! If that’s so, here’s my story. Then again, if not, here’s my story…regardless!

I’m 57. Male. I live in Jackson, WY. I’m 5’7″ (170 cm), we’ll get to the weight in a minute. Ah, life in Jackson, right next to Grand Teton National Park, only 51 miles from the south entrance to Yellowstone. Right about now is a good time to say we’ve got some incredible microbreweries here…that’s trouble. For me.

Around October 23, I had my annual physical. Blood drawn, etc. I didn’t get weighed, I made up some number and they said okay. During the exam (I go to a FNP, she’s great!) she talked about trying keto, suggested A couple of days went by, then I started reading the website one night, spent about two hours doing so. Decided I could give it a go. So I got the scale out on October 26, cleaned out everything as suggested, yeah, including that wonderful nectar from Roadhouse brewing! Got rid of everything. All or nothing, right? Stepped on the scale, three times. All the same, 219 lbs (99 kg). Ugh. Dove straight into keto. Three days after starting, my FNP called, said the fasting glucose was dangerously close to diabetic at 124. That’s when I told her I had signed up on the website, started it full-on, and what the actual initial weight was. She wanted a repeat fasting glucose test at one month.

I followed the “rules and principles” extremely close. While it wasn’t really easy to follow the meal plans simply due to my work schedule, they were extremely helpful in giving me ideas. Never once in the month did I even come close to 15 grams of carbs. No cheating. A little hard at first but it got easier. Never read so many labels in the grocery store before! Paranoia. If something indicated more than 2 grams of carbs, it was out of bounds. Figuring that was per serving, I felt it could add up fast. During this month, when able I did the 16:8 fasting. Not daily but did some. I found I do have more energy during the day, and something odd, I used to wake up and feel “morning fog” basically daily, that’s gone.

Okay, if anyone is actually reading this, you want results, right? At one month, it has been 18 lbs (8 kg) loss of weight. Fasting glucose was 124, it is now 85, a 39-point drop. I’m just past five weeks as I write, still following just as closely. And will continue to do so. I was thinking maybe a “cheat night” was on tap (no pun intended, or maybe!), but I am more afraid that old habits could return. I’ll save the cheating perhaps once or twice during Christmas.

Thanks, and I am glad to be a supporter!

Mike Nelson,
Jackson, WY


I am a 62-year old woman, who is retired and living in Australia on Queensland’s Gold Coast. My husband and I decided to take the low-carb challenge, as we both needed to make changes to our lifestyle for the sake of our health. We had already begun regular sessions at the gym, but I felt that we needed to do more. I thought that 14 days wasn’t too long to give this new way of eating a go and although my husband wasn’t wholly convinced, he agreed to do the challenge with me.

Well, we were both happily surprised with the truly delicious food and both of us noticed we were not the slightest bit hungry between meals. In fact, I fell into intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast after the first week, because I was simply not hungry, first thing in the morning. By the end of the challenge I felt fabulous and had only lost 1 kg (2 lbs), but 4 cm (10 inches) from my waist. My husband had effortlessly lost 4 kg (9 lbs)!

We intend to continue with this keto lifestyle change.

Linda Caldwell

Hi Andreas,

I am now a very happy member of Diet Doctor and in the past weeks, I enjoyed many of your videos.

I am so happy I took the challenge and I am extremely impressed by the results. In the past, I did fasting followed by an IDM coach (who, by the way, recommended you many times) but still continued eating carbs making fasting very difficult. I am 34 years old, Italian and I live in Uk and carbs have always been part of me: pizza, bread, and all amazing Italian dishes :)

The week before I started the challenged I did a food diary and I ate lots of bread, chocolate and three cans of coca-cola every day. I was drinking six espressos a day as well. It was time to seriously stop this cycle. I receive your mail about the challenge at the right time!

Before starting the challenge I stopped drinking all Coca-Cola and coffee. Two days of headaches and I felt great.

It was very hard for me to give up carbs. I mean very very hard. Really really really hard :) I am followed by a psychotherapist to help me on the emotional side of things and she helped to get me in the right mental state. Your course on sugar addition was also very useful to recognise I was seriously addicted. I learned not to act on false emotions that happened a couple of times during the challenge.

But after only 2 days in the challenge without carbs, my hunger disappeared and I didn’t feel the need to eat snacks outside the main three meals. Surprisingly, I didn’t crave carbs at all. Really? How can that be possible? Wasn’t I addicted? Seems like magic. I felt awesome.

I took the challenge very seriously. My life is on the hook here.

I learned how to cook real food (before I always hated to cook but I had to learn) adjusted the recipes accordingly and I stayed on the game 100%.

I lost 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) in two weeks!

I feel fantastic and in total control.

I am looking forward to continue with this new regime and get in the healthy zone. I have a long way to go, at least 25 kilos (55 lbs), but I am very optimistic. Watching your content keeps me motivated and informed despite my wife and everyone around me (unfortunately including my therapist) telling me what I am doing is not healthy.

In the future I might even reintroduce a bit of intermittent fasting to speed up the process but I know now that I don’t necessarily need it and I can enjoy real food and fat until full. I already did 14 hours fast windows every day during the challenge without any efforts.

Thank you very much for helping the world discover the truth and helping me overcome my biggest problem. Hope to get back to you in a few months time sharing massive progress toward my goal.

You are truly making the world a better place.

All the best,


Hello Diet Doctor team,

I am a 24-year old male from Estonia and just finished my two-week low-carb challenge. Firstly, I loved most of the recipes as they were very tasty and almost always really-really easy to make, I’ve never cooked so much and I’m sincerely very happy about it. I was cutting calories before, so instead of starting to lose weight, I just kept doing it. I was at 105 kg (231 lbs) in the start of October and I now weigh less than 88 kg (194 lbs), 5 (11 lbs) of which I lost while doing keto.

The transition to keto was not that hard for me, assuming because I already had started eating healthier anyway. I never had any cravings and THAT is like the biggest thing that I have noticed in the past few weeks. The feeling and meaning of hunger has completely changed. I do not have to walk to the fridge every once in a while, I never need a snack besides water and I only eat two meals a day. Feeling magical and thankful really!

Thank you!

Best regards
Sven from Estonia

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