New study: Can low carb help reverse a fatty liver?


Can low carb help reverse a fatty liver?

A team of Swedish researchers just published a new study in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Metabolism. Obese subjects suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) followed a low-carbohydrate diet without restricting calories.

Lead author Jan Boren of the University of Gotheburg reported some fantastic effects of carbohydrate restriction on liver fat:

We observed rapid and dramatic reductions of liver fat and other cardiometabolic risk factors and revealed hitherto unknown underlying molecular mechanisms.

Another benefit of following a low-carbohydrate diet, supported by science. Read the full article here:

Cell Metabolism: An integrated understanding of the rapid metabolic benefits of a carbohydrate-restricted diet on hepatic steatosis in humans

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  1. Christine
    Yes, yes -absolutely. My abdominal ultrasound revealed no more fatty liver after one year Keto and losing 100 lbs.
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  2. Candi
    Get a new doctor who has read up on this.
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  1. Christine
    Yes, yes -absolutely. My abdominal ultrasound revealed no more fatty liver after one year Keto and losing 100 lbs.
    Replies: #4, #7
  2. Pam Smith
    I was diagnosed with NAFLD several years ago but has now progressed to cirrhosis. I am not nor have I ever been more than one stone overweight and am now in normal weight parameters. I am also T2 diabetic. I would like to use Keto diet but would I need to adapt if to suit my medical needs.
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  3. Deahn Benware
    Just do it! Your diabetes will slowly disappear.
  4. Michelle
    That’s fantastic Christine!
  5. Sarah
    I have been doing KETO diet for 3 weeks, I have lost 15 pounds so far. I know some or most is probably water weight but it's in the right direction. It is helping my type 2 stay in manageable levels as you cut most if not all of your carbs out. There are groups on Facebook that are other diabetics that follow the diet. Good luck!
  6. Phyllis
    Keto is pure fat loss. Bravo for you!
  7. Misty Andersen
    Hello! Do you still have gallbladder?

    Yes, yes -absolutely. My abdominal ultrasound revealed no more fatty liver after one year Keto and losing 100 lbs.

  8. HM Leblanc
    Recent ly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I have a fatty liver so I want to eat only 20 carbs a day but my doctor is saying I have to eat 45-60 grams per meal!! I have yet to follow the advice but my sugars are high upon waking and I'm wondering if that's due to eating no carbs at dinner
  9. Candi
    Get a new doctor who has read up on this.
  10. Nick
    If your morning blood sugar is high it is due to high protein intake before bed time. Not eating before bed does not help either but very small amount of protein food with more vegitable will gradually helps. I am Type 2 and on keto but wondering why my morning blood sugar is high but eventually when i reduce protein intake after lunch it reduces to 94. So after lunch reduce your protein by 80% and take more vegetable and also low carb snack like macademia nuts will help.
  11. Tennis nut
    Omg... You need a new doctor... Most diabetes have elevated sugar in the morning. Has nothing to do with consumption of sugar. Your body organs produce sugar while u sleep
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  12. Bruce Witte
    Finally documented research on positive Keto effects!!! Will the mainstream medical community ever promote Keto WOL???
  13. Margaret Robinson
    I have T2D I started the Ketos diet one month ago. I took myself off off of insulin. I have lost 17 lbs and my morning Blood sugar has been below 130 today it was 117. It hasn't been that low in years. I go to my Dr. On Monday excited to see what my A1C is going to be and my liver count. I feel alot better. Thought I would share my personal results.
  14. Kathleen
    Sorry, I accidentally reported comment. Didn't know how to undo it.
  15. Paula
    I am a type 2 also, last A1c was 5.9, lowest I have ever been in 15 yrs since being diagnosed. I have not lost the weight, only 10 pounds in 3 months. Any suggestions?
  16. Scott
    I'm 57 had PreD....and I started Keto in late Dec2017 and now have lost 15 pounds plus,my question is I would like to grow muscle mass in the gym,but I keep on losing:)) any help.
    I use to be a body builder I went from 208 to 186.
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  17. Lisa
    I had a CT scan and the reduction in fat in my liver was significant enough for the CT report to state significant improvement in fatty liver. I was so excited to see the result of the change.
  18. JohnE
    I am T2. On Jan 2 this year, my A1C was 8.2%. Have been on max dose of metformin and glipizide for years and occasional forays into expensive meds like byetta or victoza. Next step was probably insulin. Started Keto on Jan 5. Checking bg about 4/day. Sugr app calculates A1C at 5.9% now. Have also cut meds in half. Seeing doc again next month. Anxious to see what happens to lab blood results especially cholesterol and triglycerides.
  19. Juan Mendez
    I am a pre-diabetic and started doing Intermittent fasting and Keto in January. I have lost 31 lbs and my glucose has gone from the 140-150 to 89 this morning. Keto and IF is the way to go.
  20. Scott
    I pressed the report triangle on my own post by mistake.
  21. Elbert
    Salt trick works great, Now I not Poo, Please? Thank you
  22. Naty
    Hi. I have fatty liver and insulin resistant (pre-diabetes). My Doc said to eat low fat to lose weight and also to do exercise.
    I am new to all of this. Have read that what is better to do is to do lower carb like 100 grams a day of low glycemic load foods and eat lower fat diet. Am i going on the right track?
    Would appreciate anyones suggestions on what to eat to lose the weight for both insulin resistance and fatty liver.
    Im all confused.
  23. Fasting Filly
    Fatty liver is from sugar and starchy carbs. Eat good healthy fats and moderate protein and veggies that have low sugar content. Stay away from grains. Adopt intermittent fasting.
  24. Cat
    Are you serious? Your body does Nit produce sugar while you sleep. You are nuts and need to step back. Talk with an endocrinologist before you come back with that garbage talk
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  25. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, the liver actually dumps stored sugar in preparation for waking up. This is mostly a concern for diabetics and is called the Dawn Phenomenon. You can read more about it here -

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