Low carb helped me heal my relationship with food


My name is Anna Olsson, and I’m a Digital Producer on the Diet Doctor Recipe Team. I’m so passionate about working for this company because the low-carb diet has personally given me so much more time, energy, and joy!

Like many, I used to have quite a complicated relationship with processed foods, sugar, and carbs.

Growing up, I ate a traditional high-carb, low-fat diet, as recommended by the official dietary guidelines in Sweden. On a typical day, I would eat sandwiches or cereal for breakfast, lunch at school, homemade dinner in the evenings, and of course, a couple of “healthy” snacks in between meals.

The official recommendations could be summed up in one sentence: Eat six times a day and never skip a meal. As a result, I was constantly thinking about when and what I could have for my next meal.

I always wanted to eat more, and it often seemed like others didn’t have the same issue. They even left food on their plate, which I found incredibly odd.

For some reason, my appetite regulation didn’t function in the same way as it did for my friends. So, what did I do? I learned to “live with it.”


When I say I learned to live with it, I mean that I tried to control it. Controlling my body signals became a daily struggle. It took me away from more meaningful activities that I loved, like music and sports.

Then one day, about 12 years ago, I was introduced to low carb in a tabloid. This alternative approach to health and food caught my interest, and I decided to give low carb a try. What did I have to lose?

In the beginning, it was difficult — I was worried about adding fat to my meals. I was also used to eating for entertainment and comfort; I had to be gentle and forgive myself when I “fell off the wagon.”

Over time, it got easier. My cravings for carbs subsided, and food stopped being my constant focus. When I ate, I enjoyed it. When I wasn’t eating, I focused more on what I was doing at that moment and became more present. It felt like my brain had been upgraded!

And this is exactly my motivation for working at Diet Doctor: I want to spread the word about the low-carb lifestyle, especially to others like me.

As a single professional in my early 30s, I don’t want to cook a big meal every night. I want to enjoy healthy and tasty low-carb food that can be put together quickly and have leftovers that I can take to work the next day. I also want advice on how to stay healthy while dining out and traveling.

Thank you for reading! And good luck with your low-carb journey!

Tip 1: Prioritize your health and the rest will fall into place.

Tip 2: You can free yourself from food addiction and dietary-related ailments through simple changes that fit your unique lifestyle.

Tip 3: Nothing is more rewarding and holds you more accountable than helping others. If you have a low-carb success story, share it with the world! Email us at success@dietdoctor.com

Anna Olsson, Digital Producer, Recipe Team

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