Low carb for doctors – introduction

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Are you a doctor or do you know a doctor? Are you interested in low carb? Then this great new free course – low carb for doctors – could be something for you to watch or share!

This is the first part, featuring Dr. David Unwin, a family physician in England, who’s involved in educating doctors and has been treating patients with low-carb diets since 2012.

The course will cover very practical tips for doctors, like how to effectively discuss the low-carb lifestyle with patients, how to handle medications, safety, patient motivation and much more.

We hope this will encourage even more doctors to learn how to use low carb in a simple, safe and effective way to empower their patients. For Dr. Unwin it not only helped his patients and saved money for his clinic, it made being a doctor feel rewarding and meaningful again.

The first part of the course above is free (transcript), and we’ll keep publishing new parts every week here, together with our full low carb for doctors guide:

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